I made "Assembly Capsule Toy Kit" sold at Three Coins / Target age is over 6 years old, but it seems difficult for children …

Daiso and other so-called “100 grades” are useful for buying household goods and daily necessities. If you want to buy something a little more fashionable, you can go to “Three Coins”. Three 100-yen coins [+ tax] are available that cannot be found in 100 grades.

A surprisingly self-made kit was on sale at Three Coins. that is……A self-made capsule toy [assembled capsule toy kit 500 yen + tax]!When I actually made it, this was a very time-consuming thing …

・ Look at the instructions carefully

I [Sato] just recently added a monthly kindergarten appendix"Yoshino Family Guidon Making Game"Just assembled. Since we have just tried paper craft, it will be possible soon. I thought so, but it took me a lot of time.

For those who are going to challenge in the future, if you give a word of advice first, this kit requires double-sided tape and cellophane tape. The location where the double-sided tape is affixed is described in the manual, so it is recommended that you look closely. I missed it and took time.

Parts are 4 pieces of cardboard. This is disassembled and assembled, but it must be attached with double-sided tape, not a built-in type, so assemble carefully while carefully observing the procedure.

-Is the target age 6 years old?

If the adhesive of the double-sided tape is weak, it will be reinforced with cello tape. It should be a lot of care for cello tape than I thought at the start of assembly, so I'd like you to assemble that way. I was able to assemble half at last while struggling.

“Target age 6 years and over” “Assembly time about 20 minutes” was written, but 46 years old finally took 30 minutes to complete. I think it's difficult for a 6-year-old kids to make in 20 minutes …

I didn't understand the illustrations in the manual, but the size was surprisingly small. I imagined something bigger, but it seems that it was designed to be just the right size for children.

Now, let's actually turn the handle.

Although it has become quite rough, will the capsule come out properly?

It came out!

・ It may be difficult for children …

There are 5 capsules available, so you can play with something. However … If the capsule gets stuck in the upper container, it will not come out no matter how many times the handle is turned. In such a case, open the upper container and take out the capsule.

I think that it will be quite difficult if a child makes it alone, so parents should help. Maybe the child's heart breaks.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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