I missed the verification code when I signed in to iCloud.com on my PC…-Why can't I hear the iPhone now?

I tried to sign in to iCloud.com on my computer's web browser, but I forgot the 6-digit verification code that was displayed at that time? No problem, from the iCloud.com sign-in screen or the iPhone Settings app Resend the verification code and you're good to go.

Apple has strongly recommended "two-factor authentication" since iOS 10. Two-factor authentication is an authentication procedure that enhances security by duplicating the procedure, and many companies will notify you of several digits by SMS when you start using the online service and ask you to enter it together with your user ID. We carry out by method.

For Apple, if you enter your Apple ID and password in a service like iCloud.com, you'll get a notification (if you try to sign in to an untrusted device) to an Apple product that's signed in with the same Apple ID. After the dialog to accept the use is displayed, the screen for entering the 6-digit number appears.

Immediately after that, a 6-digit number is displayed as a confirmation code on the Apple product that is signed in with the same Apple ID, so you can enter it. When other companies notify by SMS, it means that in the case of Apple products, iCloud notifies the system directly.

The verification code is like a temporary password and is recreated every time you try to sign in. If you accidentally missed it, if you want to process it only with the web browser on your computer, click on the "Is the confirmation code not received?" part and click "Resend code". .. If you have an iPhone at hand, open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Apple ID" → "Password & Security" and tap "Get Verification Code". Whichever you re-send the verification code, it makes no difference.

  • I missed the verification code when signing in to iCloud.com on my PC...

    If you forgot the verification code for 2-step verification

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