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I participated in an online class at N Preparatory School because it was open to the public (Shinko Namiko)-Engadget Japanese version


Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, services to publish free online classes are increasing. I was impressed by the hospitality and graduated from high school a long time ago, but I also saw some free classes.

■ Inquiry school building
A knowledgeable educational YouTuber, rather than a professional teacher, teaches you in a lighter way. I took classes about "human health care" and "Russian war", but they brought students into classes with jokes.

People who tend to shout at high tension, quizzes while emitting sound effects such as “ Jade! '' And “ Den! '', “ If it is the main subject! '' There are people, and each character stands and keep an eye on it. The power of youth was blowing.

■ N Preparatory School
The e-learning service "N Preparatory School" provided by Dwango was also released for free for a limited time. The teacher of world history has been a veteran who has been teaching for many years, and has many books. It is healed by a gentle smile. You can enter comments during class on the Nico Nico Douga and click the "I see!" Button, and it is a viewer participation type.

As expected, there are many people who are attending the class seriously, and it was impressive that comments were hardly rough. There were a few people who said "United Arrows" playfully to the teacher's question, "What does USA stand for?", But it was generally peaceful. When I surveyed the age of the people watching in the class at "N Preparatory School", I found that many were under 19 years old, but there are tens of percent in their 30s and over, and it is not only me who is taking classes by relieving Did.

Free lessons for adults to enjoy. Recommended for those who want to differentiate their colleagues after the break.



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