I received an update notification, but I'm gonna remove the goodbye … iPhone app

If you haven't just started using iPhone, have you ever downloaded an app on the App Store? After downloading, you will receive notifications when updates (updates) such as adding features are made, and always follow up to keep it up to date. Give me. Even paid apps are updated for free, so when you get a significant upgrade, you'll feel great.

However, the update does not capture the user's feelings. Not only your favorite apps, but also happened to be noticed, so you will want to try what you want, so you will receive renewal notifications one after another. Unfortunately, it may be the timing when the update notification arrives that decides to say goodbye to the app that the app developer is happy but not interested anymore.

In that case, use the App Store app. With iOS 13, you can now delete apps directly from the update screen. Even if you decide to delete without updating, you no longer need to bother to close the App Store app, vibrate the app icon on the home screen, and then delete it.

Easy to operate. On the App Store app update screen, swipe the target app to the left. If you tap the “Delete” button that appears, the app will be deleted from the home screen and you will not receive an update notification again. Whether or not you continue to use the app is particularly noticeable at the time of update, so it may be said that it is quite a clever new function.

Easy explanation of operation procedures

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    1 Launch the App Store app and tap your Apple ID icon in the upper right

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    2 The update target application will be displayed. Swipe the target application to the left.

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    Three Tap the delete button that appears

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    Four A dialog to confirm the deletion will be displayed, so if you really want to delete, tap the "Delete" button

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