I regretted eating Hitsumabushi (880 yen including tax) at the Yoshinoya "Nadai Unatoto" of the Unadonkai | Rocket News 24

Speaking of Hitsumabushi, it is usually a high-class meal that costs around 2,000 to 4,000 yen. On the other hand, in the Unodonkai Yoshinoya "Nashiro Unatoto",You can eat Hitsumabushi at 880 yen including tax. It's too cheap!

It's a rather uneasy price. "Is this sheep shining properly done?" So I ate it for research …I am sorry to regret.

・ What is "To Una"?

Una-dono, a una bowl chain with 11 stores in Tokyo and 4 stores in Osaka. The price as of March 2020 is 550 yen per bowl of una-don, a price that is unlikely to be an eel shop.

That said, compared to Unaju and Hitsumabushi, Unadon has a slightly more common sound. Personally, it's more shocking to pay 880 yen for the sunshade.Does it really come out? That's why I ordered it …

・ It looks good

A tray with a sheep, a bowl and a tea bottle was carried. Oh, looks like it's right. The steam that rises when you open the lid of the sheep.

Beyond the steam, the eels and trefoil are colorful. Although the eel is out of frame,It's 880 yen and it's not disappointing at this stage. First, let's eat it in the eel bowl state. Pakuri.


There is a juicy softness of the eel and the three-leaf flavor is refreshing.And thank you for having the sauce and the pepper always on the table. Unlimited pickles are not very common in the venerable eel shop. As a common person, I am thrilled with this fast food feeling.

・ Let's try it

Oops, I was supposed to eat everything with Unadon. What I want to taste is Hitsumabushi. There's also a bowl, and if you move it from a bowl to a bowl and pour it on it …


I'll do it!!

The taste of the eel with fat is dissolved in the dashi and wraps the rice. When you swallow such a sunbrush, the eel's flavor seems to spread throughout your mouth.Ummah ~!


The size of the eel itself seemed to be reasonable, but it was just right to eat with a spoon and the taste was good. If this is 880 yen, it can be said that it is a sufficiently high cospa. Rather, why didn't I ever eat?regret……… !!

(* This article was taken before the emergency declaration was issued)

・ Information of stores introduced this time

Store nameNayo Una To Ueno Store
Street address6-16-11-15 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
business hoursMon-Sat 11: 00-23: 00 / Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-22: 00
Regular holidayOpen daily

Report:Seiji Nakazawa
Photo: Rocketnews24.


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