I talked to the person who played Pokemon GO from "Level 1" → The reason that led to screaming in one month

Remember that Pokemon GO, released in July 2016, sparked an unprecedented boom? Three and a half years have passed since then, but the popularity is still alive. Recently, when you see a low level trainer, it seems that many people are new or reopening.

If youStart at level 1What if?ら If you are told to catch up and overtake three years, you may feel like a desperate road, but what kind of feeling will you play the game?

・ I got this when I started from level 1

So, this time, I want to report the story of a man who started Pokemon GO from level 1. His name isSatoshi-kun [real name]. He was about 30 years old and played the Pokémon series from the original red and green to the fifth generation Black White [Ish region].

By the way, Pokemon GO was not able to do it because it missed the wave at the time of release. It seems that he has come here so late.

However, Satoshi-kun has Pokémon knowledge that he has cultivated over many years. When I started Pokemon GO, it seemed that I was able to put it in smoothly …

The excitement does not stop at the game that links to the real world position, and it suddenly gets stuck.

It's not enough to just play on the way home from work or lunch break, and it's fun to stop at the station next to the destination and raid, but the fun doesn't stop!

What if I was considering charging at Mach.Adult Pokemon GOIt is.

Of course, even a picture book is fun. Your level will reach 20 in no time, because you will be registered if you catch Pokemon! Hyperball is now available, and it's time for the actual production !!

・ The broken heart

Although it was just fun, but Satoshi-kun's Pokémon GO life seemed to change smoothly.StraightforwardBut there were three main reasons.

The first reason that was a constraint was that it should be funLegendary Raid BattleIt is. At that time, Kovar-on appeared. Fortunately, Satoshi works in Tokyo, so if he could infest other trainers, he could defeat the boss in a legendary raid battle. ……But however!

Kovalon's CP from the Get Challenge …


Not displayed and not captured. Is it too difficult to capture if the boss's CP is too high, or is it too bad for Satoshi to throw the ball? The truth of the matter is unknown,After all, without taking Kovaron onceIt seems that she had to cry only.

Nevertheless, he continues playing with his own Pokemon love. He participated in the raids of Kairiky and Kingler [again, it's another application], and he said he could keep his motivation if he could get it …

・ Terakion is not caught

My heart is broken by Terakion that appeared next to Kovalon. At this time, Satoshi-kun wanted to have terrachion, so he went to Akihabara, one of the best spots in Tokyo, and tried several times.Gah …!

I can't take it at all

I can't take it once I want it. This was the biggest withering point. Since then, logging in every day has become a hassle, and a vicious cycle has begun. And it was even more challenging"Coldness"It is.

・ Cold is a natural enemy

The weather and climate are natural enemy of location gameWell, it's a well-known fact, but I didn't have enough mentality to get over the young Satoshi. Although the tension rose when I got a kiogre for the great discovery of field research, I was alienated from Pokemon GO because the temperature dropped.

・ Sword shield is interesting

And Todome has released "Pokemon Sword Shield". Pokémon GO, which was played on the app, was good, but it seems that the game was inevitably raised on Nintendo Switch. Eventually, Pokemon GO's playing time was reduced by falling to the right, and the app stopped opening after about a month.

Honest,I thought it was a littleEach person feels free and feels free. It's inevitable that "Sword Shield" came out at a bad timing [?] And a phenomenon that replaced it occurred. Nevertheless, Satoshi-kun, who hadn't been playing the Pokemon series for a while, remembered the fun of Pokemon because he played Pokemon GO.

・ It should be fun even now

By the way, it seems that Satoshi just happened to be lucky because he could catch the "???" Pokemon in his experience. When I listened to the impressions I played, she said, "It's quite interesting as a smartphone game, and I understand the reason for its popularity."

This time, the first Pokemon GO repo that ended in a month. The result was disappointing, but the level rises faster than before the raid implemented, and I personally think that it is enough to enjoy Pokemon GO from now on. If you are worried, you can try it once because you can play loosely.

Report:Harada Takashi

Photo: RocketNews24.
ScreenShot: Pokemon GO, LINE [iOS]

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