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I touched the Huawei "P40 Pro". Notable camera function is "erasing passers-by/best shot selection"-Engadget Japan

p40 pro

As previously reported, Huawei JapanP40 Pro"P40 lite5G compatible smartphones and tabletsMatePad Pro, Etc. were announced at once in Japan.

Now that I have had the opportunity to come in contact with the P40 Pro [price excluding tax of 108,800 yen], I will report on new camera functions that were not available in the P series.

Review the camera specifications of P40 Pro

Before introducing the new features, let's review the camera specifications of the P40 Pro again. The configuration of the rear camera is as follows.

  • ToF sensor for distance measurement

  • Color temperature sensor

huawei p40 pro lite

Regarding the P40 Pro camera, the main feature is that it has a zoom function with a maximum magnification of 50 times and the image sensor is larger than the previous P30 Pro, and the wide-angle sensor is also called an "ultra vision sensor". It is called and is larger than 1/1.28 inches, which is 1/1.33 inches of Samsung "Galaxy S20 Ultra".

huawei p40 pro

The new features of the P40 Pro are convenient. Erase passers-by/select the best shots

The most appealing feature of the touch and try venue held by Huawei Japan was "passer-by removal" that erased the people [up to 2] who were reflected in the photos taken, and gallery editing. "AI Best Moment" is a function that extracts 1 to 3 best moments in terms of functions and proposes them.

Not to mention the function that erases passers-by, "AI Best Moment" is a function that smartphones Huawei has never released. A demonstrator at the venue said he would like to try the P40 Pro 5G as soon as he buys it.

"AI Best Moment" is a mechanism that when you press the shutter, two or more seconds before and after that, multiple photos will be taken, and AI will propose the best shot from them. You can also select the best shot from 9 shots before and after the moment you press the shutter.

huawei p40 pro
▲ AI Best Moment takes multiple pictures in about 2 seconds, so you can record the situation before and after you release the shutter.

According to the staff at the venue, the P40 Pro's camera is learning the human facial expressions and information in advance so that they can recognize the human eyes and facial expressions. However, it may not work depending on the shooting environment [ambient brightness, movement of people, etc.].

huawei p40 pro
▲You can easily take pictures of happy situations when people jump.

In fact, the new features of such a camera could be implemented because it was equipped with the same processor [SoC] “Kirin 990 5G” as the “Mate 30 Pro” that was released on April 17, the venue's staff explained.

Furthermore, since the memory capacity is 8GB and the storage capacity is 256GB, you can save a lot of captured images without hesitation. By the way, the external storage supports "HUAWEI NM card" up to 256GB. Although this NM card is not easily available in Japan, personally, I would like you to support a versatile microSD memory card.

The number of pixels of the front camera is 32 million pixels and it also supports 4K shooting

The part with a punch hole inside the display is equipped with a 32 million pixel / F2.2 camera, an IR depth camera, and an environment and proximity sensor.

huawei p40 pro
▲ "P40 Pro 5G" has a larger punch hole than "P40 lite 5G" on the photo.

You can shoot 4K/60fps video with the rear camera, but with the in-camera you can also shoot 4K resolution selfies and blur the background. In addition to this, it also supports low-light unlocking of facial recognition by infrared rays and gesture control.

Improved hardware and software to prevent camera shake

In addition to this, the explanation person at the venue said, “Hardware and software to prevent camera shake, HDR processing, portrait function, etc. are improved from the old model P30 Pro, and the sound emitted by the subject It also supports "audio zoom" picking up."

See this article for detailed camera reviews and breaking news.


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