I tried “ beef ribs ramen '' which is a habit of rich beef ribs and miso based spicy soup with Kura Sushi


I tried “ beef ribs ramen '' which is a habit of rich beef ribs and miso based spicy soup with Kura Sushi

Until nowSushi without shariAnd italianCarbonaraKura Sushi, which offers a menu that goes beyond the boundaries of sushi, has been introduced since February 21, 2020.Beef ribs ramenHas been launched. The ramen with rich beef ribs entangled in miso-based soups and thick noodles has been actually eaten because the spicy flavor is finished with an appetizing taste.

Menu | Kura Sushi Website

Arrived at Kura Sushi.

When I arrived at the table, the table had a menu that appealed to myself, "beef ribs ramen."

To order, select "Gyu Calvi Ramen" on the touch panel located beside the table.

Specify "Onion" and "Quantity", and touch "Order".

About 10 minutes after ordering, "beef ribs ramen" (390 yen excluding tax) was carried on the lane beside the table.

Remove the fasteners in the red frame and remove the lid.

When removed, it looks like this. When you order "Gyu Calvi Ramen", a small bag of garlic comes with it.

Kura SushiOfficial siteAccording to the report, there is a difference between Kanto and Kansai even for the same "Gyu Calvi Ramen". This "Gyu Calvi Ramen" topped with green onions is a menu offered in western Japan and the Kyushu area. The calories are 426kcal per cup.

This is how bowls compare to transportation IC cards.

Add garlic if you like …

Mix well.

When I drank a bite of the soup at first, I felt the richness of the fat of beef and the taste of the spicy spicy and rich miso.

As the rib meat is thicker, it has a bite to respond to, and the juicy gravy gradually permeates with each bite.

The noodles are thick straight noodles with a sticky texture. Thanks to the exquisite thickness of the noodles, the spicy soup and the fat floating in the soup are entangled with the noodles and carried into the mouth.

The spiciness and the taste of miso are excellent, so I felt that it would be ant to add the spiciness by shaking the table's built-in Shichimi.

"Gyu Calvi Ramen" can be ordered for Kura Sushi nationwide from February 21, 2020.

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