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From Friday, June 5Burger KingI ate "King Dog" which was the new standard menu of! With a collaboration menu with "Jung Sung Viru," the No. 1 sausage in the United States, you can easily enjoy a full-fledged international taste♪

"Kingdog" in collaboration with "Jung Sung Viru"

June 5th (Friday)Burger King"King Dog" has been added to the standard menu of. It's a juicy sausage with a collaboration menu with No.1* sausage "Jung Sung Viru".
*For IRI (as of September 2019)

The price is 360 yen for a single item, and 600 yen for a Kingbury set with a French fry (M) and a drink (M). The price is great for lunch.

I ate the King Dock!

That's why I bought the "King Dog"!

Burger KingWhen you look at the long and thin parcel, you will remember the chicken sandwich. I loved it…I wonder if it will come back…

Then open the package!

You have a very simple hot dog visual. Fluffy bread, crispy lettuce, dawn and big sausage with ketchup and mustard. This is like a hot dog.

"Jungsson-bil" collaboration sausages that have a strong presence as if sausages are bigger than bread.

When you eat it quickly, it has a rich meaty texture and rich herb scent! Unlike Japanese wiener sausage, it is not crispy and juicy, it has a texture that meat is tightly packed in thin skin.

The taste of sausage is also spiced up, giving it a foreign flavor. It's like a hot dog you eat at an overseas food court, and you'll be excited! The simple sauce of ketchup and mustard is also good. It was refreshing more than it looked, and it was a lollipop in an instant.

The "King Dog" has an American flavor rather than the familiar Japanese hot dog. It was the taste that I wanted to spend this weekend with a coke and a cola while watching a long movie.

Burger King"King dog" is a standard menu that you can buy anytime! Recommended for lunch on weekdays and for accompanying movies on weekends♪

shop:Burger King
Menu: King Dog
Price: Single item 360 yen (tax included), King value set 600 yen (tax included)
Official site:Burger King ® Official Site

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