I tried comparing chicken nugget menus of 4 burger chains / unexpectedly discovered that they are different

Rocket News 24 has eaten and compared various things. It is the same kind of lunch at a different convenience store or the same menu at the same store. So a major burger chain menu etc.I thought it was something I was eating in the old days.

But apparently he overlooked something very basic. Chicken nuggets. Perhaps it was a blind spot at all, or did it seem like there was no difference in comparison?I didn't do it anywaySo I compared chicken nuggets from 4 burger chains!

・ Compare 4 companies

Compared to McDonald's, Mos Burger, Burger King, and Lotteria's chicken nuggets. To be precise, Lotteria is not a chicken nugget, but rather "Chicken from the top". Oh dearAnyway fried chickenIt is.

For comparison, the flavor of the sauce is not taken into account. Because I think the influence of taste is strong. Therefore, it is a comparison of the chicken body only. Let's go in order.

・ Burger King

First is the Burger King chicken nugget.150 yen for 5 pieces. 200 yen for 8 pieces.I do not know the calories. It is characterized by a lot of small black things in the clothes. Is it pepper?

The wrapper says "CRISPY. GOLDEN. NUGGETS", but the texture is certainly 4Most crispyI felt it. At the same time, the spiciness seems to be excellent. In other words,Both texture and seasoning are flashyIs that a place? American.

・ Mos Burger

Mos Burger Chicken Nuggets297 yen for 5 pieces. The source is sold separately for 38 yenIt is. The most expensive among the four companies. According to the official website, 220kcal.

As a feature of appearance, it is thin and slightly large next to it. In other words, it feels flat. The clothes are thin and light. The simplest in taste and appearance. However, among the four companiesThe most juicy and naturally chicken tasteIt was this guy.

Everything is chicken, but you can see some sort of "artificial chicken", taken from a lab by a scientist in a white coat. However, only the moss chicken nuggetsThe image came from a farm by truck.

And surprising juicy as a nugget. As you chew, a liquid that does not come into contact with fat or gravy overflows and the real chicken smells. It is unknown whether the situation is real,Natural feeling.

・ McDonald

Familiar chicken mac nugget. If it is a single item200 yen for 5 pieces. 580 yen for 15 pieces. It is cheap because it is often campaign-like. According to the official website, 100 grams is 270 kcal.

Well, the biggest burger chain is McDonald's. Perhaps everyone has eaten, and you know somehow about the taste.Usual tasteIt is.

It's a moderately crispy, snacked chicken. Among the four companies,The most medium chicken nugget in all directionsIt is an impression. I didn't get a special impressionUsually". But I think this is the one that is most accepted by everyone.

・ Lotteria

Lotteria is the largest changing ball among the four companies. I don't think it's a nugget in the first place. It's called "Chicken and I'll give it" and it doesn't matter whether it's fried or nugget.

According to the official website, the price is140 yen [181kcal] for three or 370 yen [540kcal] for nine. The shape is an elongated stick. An elongated shape like that face of Munch's “cry”.

Although the appearance was strong,The taste is the strongest. Everything else was different in spices and crispness, but the taste of the nuggets themselves was generally modest. I guess they are all premised on eating with sauce.

However, Lotteria has a rich taste from the beginning. It has soy sauce, fried, or something like that. By the way, there is not much crispy or crispy feeling. you,Isn't it really fried with soy sauce?

・ 4 companies and 4 customers

So, when we compare them, we discover that they are quite distinctive. In particular, I was somewhat surprised at the high price of moss, but I was impressed with the feelings that I knew when I ate it. I don't know if that strategy would be a survival advantage, but it would be a break with a natural nugget championship.

But what I like most is the fancy Burger King. And as I wrote, it's interesting to see that McDonald's was the most "normal" feeling because I saw the strategic things that made McDonald's McDonald's.

Until now, many people have been eating chicken nuggets without any particular awareness. As with me, it's quite different when you look at it. Why don't you concentrate on chicken nuggets on this occasion and eat while thinking deeply about nuggets?

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Photo: RocketNews24.

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