I tried drinking energy drinks sold by “ Japan Amway ''

Ennajiiiii!Everyone is Ena? long time no see. A man who loves energy drinks,Energy Man !!This time, I'll try to verify the energy receipts received from readers, for short, enakomi.

anythingA vending machine for energy drinks sold by Amway JapanThere seems to be. Seriously you, don't come in and get out of it. The rough location where the vending machine was installed was also written, so I decided to go to the spot.

・ Amway vending machine

Somewhere in Tokyo. While walking along the street as it was written, check the vending machines you find along the way from one end. Most of them are giraffe and Coca-Cola vending machines. Is there an Amway Enadori sold?

If you find a vending machine and look at the gun, and if you find a vending machine, you repeat the gun watching …D, Ena !?れ That is no way … As I approach my breath, …

there were.

・ Discovery

There is a suspicious vending machine with a black body where only energy drinks line up. Yes, this is what Amway Japan sells"XS Energy Drink"It is. Normally, "XS" can be purchased from Amway's website etc., but since there is basically no handling of individual units, the existence of vending machines can be said to be valuable.

According to the product site, "XS" was sold for the first time in the worldEnamel with zero sugarIt seems. Depending on the series, there are products with zero calories, zero carbs, and even zero caffeine. Well, for me, non-caffeine is a no thank-you, so I should buy some other cans and return home.

・ Energy back home [return home]

By the way, let's start with the tropical blast, EnadoriEnergy SearchI'll do it! ※ Let's explain!サ ー チ Energy search means that energy man simply looks at the ingredient label on the back of the can!

Enenaena. Certainly energy, carbohydrates, sugars,All zerosYeah. Contains 4 types of B vitamins, niacin and pantothenic acid …. Ena? EssentialcaffeineHow much is in it? If you look carefully at よ く …

For some reason, caffeine alone is not written accurately, but instead has a mysterious notation of "about 1.3 cups of coffee per bottle".Is it Kitty's weight?That's an important part for us "energy". I want to say that you should disclose it in decimal units. Just drink it.

・ Amway taste

Tropical Blast is a fruit punch flavor with passion fruit, peach and pineapple, with a particularly strong peach flavor. Was introduced last time"White Red Bull"It's the same line. In short,Taste like nectar peachIt is.

The impression is that "White Red Bull" is a little thinner. Perhaps because it contains sweeteners, it is non-sugarIt's pretty sweet.Well, I wonder if there are any other features like this. By the way, preservatives, synthetic colorings and synthetic fragrances are not used. For your reference.

Here, I would like to have the first Energy Man GO Hatori drink it as well … but it's impossible because the editorial department is still working from home. So it's no longer familiarMecha Hatori-kunI would like to appear in Hey Mecha Hatori and …

・ Mecha Hatori sortie

Mecha Hatori"Enaena! I've met again. I'm Mecha Hatori !!

── mechanical Hatori's, Hello. Now, try this energy drink.

Mecha Hatori"Ena. It's okay to drink, what kind of enadori is this time?"

── "XS" is an energy drink sold by Amway Japan.

Mecha Hatori"Amu"

──? Mecha Hatori? What's wrong?

Mecha Hatori"Umm …"

── ………….

Mecha Hatori“…………”

── ………….

Mecha Hatori“…………”

ん だ I suddenly broke.So unfortunately there is no tasting of Mecha Hatori, but there are also other items such as lemon lime, grapefruit, mixed berryFruit flavor"XS" ​​series that stands out. There seems to be a product called energy coffee or energy granola. Anything?

・ It was my first experience

Even so, is this vending machine installed quite nationwide?た I saw it this time for the first time, but … I don't understand. If you find it, it's probably rare, so try it and buy it. See you again!Energiiiiii !!

Reference links:XS Energy Drink

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Photo: RocketNews24.

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