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Suntory's Natural Water Series will feature “Cleaning Tea” from February 25!飲 I tried drinking immediately.

"Ocha" appeared in natural water series

Recently, various flavor waters have been released, but “Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea” has appeared in the Suntory Natural Water Series.

Last year, "Suntory Natural Water GREEN TEA" was also sold in the Natural Water Series, so many people may have remembered it.

The “GREEN TEA” has been improved and “Suntory Natural Water Clear Tea” was launched in 2020. I drank it right away!

"Suntory Natural Water Clear Water Tea" is a 600ml bottle that can be drunk.

The liquid color feels clear and cool.

The tea is very fragrant!と When you drink it, it looks like tea at first, but the back is water!特 徴 The feature is that it is refreshing because there is no astringency.

To be honest, the impression of "thin tea" cannot be wiped out, but I wondered if there was a certain demand for it to be more fragrant and tasteful than water and to be able to drink more slowly than tea.

For example, it seems comfortable to drink "Suntory Natural Water Clear Tea", which is cold on a hot day when the sweat does not stop!

Official site:Suntory natural water

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