I tried eating and comparing “Teriyaki beef brothers'' by Burger King that uniquely colors the teriyaki burger with three types of sauce


I tried eating and comparing “Teriyaki beef brothers'' by Burger King that uniquely colors the teriyaki burger with three types of sauce

Burger King is a new product for 2 weeks only from Friday, July 3, 2020 “Teriyaki X"Teriyaki Y"Teriyaki Z"ofTeriyaki beef brothersHas been released. Based on common specifications using teriyaki sauce and 100% beef patty, spicy sauce, tartar sauce,SouthernIt's a product with a unique source, and it's also attractive that it's reasonably priced at 250 yen including tax. I tried to eat and compare how different the Burger brothers were.

Limited to 14 days from 7/3 (Fri.)! Introducing Teriyaki Beef Brothers!

I bought it and brought it home.

This is Teriyaki Beef Brothers. Since the wrapping paper is common, the letters "TS", "TT", "Tth" and three types of burgers are written. "TS (teriyaki spicy)" is "teriyaki X", "TT (teriyaki tartar)" is "teriyaki Y", and "Tth (teriyaki southern)" is "teriyaki Z".

I took them out of the package and arranged them on a plate. The upper left is Teriyaki X, the upper right is Teriyaki Y, and the lower is Teriyaki Z. Since the burgers overlapped in the bag, the Teriyaki X at the bottom seemed to be slightly crushed, but except that point the difference in appearance was almost zero.

Because Teriyaki X uses spicy sauce, Teriyaki sauce is mixed with a slightly reddish sauce.

Teriyaki Y is a tartar sauce, so at a glance the difference in the sauce is obvious.

The teriyaki Z Southern sauce has a light brown color, so it has a very similar shade to the teriyaki X.

When you first eat Teriyaki X, the spicy spiciness that obviously cannot be obtained with Teriyaki sauce stimulates your tongue. However, as you continue to eat, the charcoal-grilled smoky flavor and the sweetness of teriyaki sauce that you can feel from the direct-fired patties will wrap up the whole, and even the spicy sauce will be taken in.

Teriyaki Y has a taste of a touch of tartar sauce. Combined with teriyaki sauce, the whole is wrapped in a mellow sweetness. However, I was happy that the chopped onion included in the tartar sauce had a slightly crispy texture.

Perhaps because the Teriyaki Z's Southern sauce was defeated by the Teriyaki sauce, it was because of the balance of the amount, "I was not Teriyaki X because it is not spicy, and because there is no tartar, it is not Teriyaki Y, but …". ..

All of the ingredients are very simple, only patty and lettuce, and the price is 250 yen including tax. Speaking of burger king, the image of a wapper made by stacking a number of beef patties over an open fire fills up the stomach to a full extent, but the Teriyaki beef broth was just right for snacks, in quantity and price.

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