I tried “Fuwasyu Thorori-Souffle Pancake -'' that the whipped cream flows out when the film is removed


I tried “Fuwasyu Thorori-Souffle Pancake -'' that the whipped cream flows out when the film is removed

"BastiiAs a new product of Lawson's particular new sense sweets, which is characterized by a creamy creamy texture and a slightly sweet sponge.Fuwasyu Torori -Souffle Pancake-"It is characterized by savory caramel and crispy texture.Charitrol-Brule roll cake-Has appeared. "Fuwashuwa Torori" was said to have a mechanism to visually understand the "fluffy feeling" of whipped cream, so I actually purchased it and checked it.

Launched "Brule Roll Cake" and "Suffle Pancake"|LAWSON Official Website

So I came to Lawson.

I found two items I wanted in the refrigerated sweets corner.

I bought it and brought it home.

First of all, I will eat from "Fuwashuwa Torori-Suffle Pancake-" (380 yen including tax).

Ingredients include milk (manufactured domestically), whipped cream, starch syrup, sugar, flour, egg white, concentrated skim milk, egg yolk, margarine, and condensed condensed milk.

The calorie per pack is 453 kcal.

The fluffy honey is in a rather large package.

The reason why the package is quite large is because the film is erected in a tube inside. The fluffy wort roll has a mechanism that the thick whipped cream comes out by lifting and removing the film inside.

Crumble is laid around the film.

So, I actually lifted the film and removed it. You can check the situation from the following.

I tried removing the film of Lawson's “Fuwasyu Tororo -Souffle Pancake-'' and releasing the mellow whipped cream-YouTube


Grab the top edge of the film with both hands…

I thought that the whipped cream should "flow out" when pulled out gently…

The whipped cream sits on the pancake with "don't" and doesn't start flowing. It's just shivering like a pudding. What does this mean…

After a while, it started to crumble like “bottom……”, but it was not the same as the package illustration, “when you remove the surrounding film, it transforms and the whipped cream flows out.”

I wondered if the whipped cream had cooled and solidified because I had left it in the refrigerator for a while, so I left it for about 10 minutes at room temperature and tried again.

Lawson "Fuwashuwa Tororori -Souffle Pancake-" Film Release Ceremony 2-YouTube


It didn't look like “flowing” as I had imagined, but I feel that the “challenge” increased as a result of returning to normal temperature in the re-challenge.

The flowing whipped cream looks plump, but when you put it in your mouth, it melts like water and has a strange texture. The souffle fabric laid under the whipped cream is soft and melts in the mouth so that it disappears without chewing. When combined with the whipped cream, it is just a word of "light" as the name "Fuwashuwa" means. The crumble with the sweetness of sugar was the only one with a firm texture, which served as an accent.

Looking closely, the whipped cream was in two layers. Underneath the layer of fluffy whipped cream, whipped cream like a frothy meringue is spread and the taste is the same, but you can enjoy a fluffy texture containing air.

Next is "Sharitrol -Brule roll cake-" (275 yen including tax)

Ingredients include eggs, sugars (sugar, starch syrup, starch syrup, glucose), milk, custard cream, flower paste, processed sugar products, honey, etc.

The calorie per package is 284 kcal.

When I take it out, it looks like this and it is wrapped in a plastic cup.

"Sharitrol" is a sweet that is made by wrapping a mellow brulee cream in a honey-filled roll cake.

The bottom of the brulee cream is lined with salame, creating a “smooth” texture that contrasts with the texture of crusted cream that melts on the tongue of the brulee cream. Although it has a strong sweetness, it melts well in the mouth and quickly disappears in the mouth, so it will be carried to the mouth one after another.

The dough roll cake has a moist texture, and the mild sweetness has a scent of honey. When eaten with brulee cream, the balance of sweetness and flavor was harmonized, and the finish was elegant.

"Fuwashuwa Tororori -Suffle Pancake-" and "Sharitrol-Brule Roll Cake-" can be purchased at Lawson stores nationwide except Lawson Store 100.

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