I tried Kilfebon's “Miyazaki Prefecture fully-ripened kumquat“ Tatamatama ”tart” that used plenty of ripe kumquat “Tatama” with skin


I tried Kilfebon's “Miyazaki Prefecture fully-ripened kumquat“ Tatamatama ”tart” that used plenty of ripe kumquat “Tatama” with skin

From Kirfebon, a plenty of seasonal fruit that offers a beautifully-looking and taste-tasteful tart, from Miyazaki brand fruitsRipe Kumquat "Tamatama"Tart with plenty ofMiyazaki Prefecture Ripe Kumquat "Tatama" Tart]Has appeared. I was curious as to what kind of flavor it is, as it is a tart that uses a lot of citrus "Kinkan", which is not as familiar as oranges and oranges.

Miyazaki Prefecture Ripe Kinkan “Tatama” Tart | Grand Front Osaka Store | Menu | Specialty tart and cake shops. Kilfebon

That's why I came to Kilfebon. When I arrived after noon, the waiting line for cafe use was "Wait for 45 minutes".

Looking at the menu while lining up in a row …

Discovered “Miyazaki Prefecture Ripe Kinkan“ Tatama ”Tarts” sold at Grand Front Osaka for a limited time. One piece is 791 yen plus tax (Eat-in: 79 yen, take-out: 63 yen), and in the case of a hall it is 6328 yen plus tax (Eat-in: 632 yen, take-out: 506 yen).

It was passed through a table seat …

After waiting for a while, the ordered “Miyazaki Prefecture Ripe Kinkan“ Tamatama ”Tart” arrived.

Kumquat is just about the size of a circle when you make a circle with your thumb and index finger.

Tart sizePrivate caseIt looks like this when compared to the iPhone XS equipped with.

It seems that ripe kumquat "Tamagama" can be eaten not only with its skin, but also with its seeds.

Custard cream, sponge, and tart dough under the kumquat with the whole goro.

Fruits are coated with gelatin to prevent drying.

First of all, when I eat the ripe kumquat "Tatama", it contains all the skin but it is very soft and has no bitterness or astringency peculiar to the skin. Kumquat does not have a very strong sweetness, but it has a good taste of the skin and is generally elegant.

When eaten with custard cream, sponge and tart dough, the gentle sweetness of custard and sponge and the fresh sweetness of ripe kumquat "Tatamatama" exquisitely harmonize. The custard cream, sponge, and tart dough is just to enhance the ripe kumquat "accidentally".

"Miyazaki Prefecture's ripe kumquat" Tatama "tart" is a fruit tart like Kirphebon, and in order to fully enjoy the leading ripe kumquat "Tamatama", it is necessary to enjoy the unique scent of skin It may be a tart for adults.

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