I tried Matsuya's "goro beef curry beef curry" with a high degree of satisfaction with curry that melted the taste of meat


I tried Matsuya's "goro beef curry beef curry" with a high degree of satisfaction with curry that melted the taste of meat

Recreating the taste of Matsuya when it was foundedFounding beef curry'' Will appear as a limited-time menu in June 2019, and from December 2019Standardizationdoing. This time, the newly founded beef curry, plus beef and vegetablesHearty founding beef curryI said, "I've found a beef curry with a generous amount of carrots and potatoes, so I went shopping immediately.

Introducing "Slowly founded beef curry"! | Matsuya Foods

The banner of "Mr. founding beef curry" that appeared in front of the store. If it is a takeout, it will be 50 yen discount until 15:00 on June 9, 2020, and if you order from the web reservation site Matsuben Net, you can also get points, so I took the order online and took it out.

I brought it home. This time, we ordered "Gororo Founding Beef Curry" (790 yen including tax) and Daisen (890 yen including tax) and "Gororo" Ninjaga "Founding Beef Curry" (690 yen including tax) and large order. (790 yen including tax). In addition to this, there is also a curry item without rice and a raw vegetable set. In addition, miso soup is included when eating or drinking in the store, but there is no miso soup when you take it home.

This is “Mr. founding beef curry”. The left side is normal and the right side is large. Larger pieces seem to have less ingredients, but this is partly because the ingredients are sunk in the roux due to the difference in the amount of roux.

It contains thick beef.

This is the average (left) and large (right) of the “Morning“ Ninjaga ”founding beef curry”.

It contains a lot of domestic carrots and potatoes.

As for rice, average size (left) is over 200g, large size (right) is over 300g.

If I left it in the take-out container, it seemed to spill even if I curry the rice dish or put rice in the curry dish, so I decided to move it to another plate. On the left is the "Morning Founding Beef Curry", and on the right is the "Morning Ninja" Founding Beef Curry.

The "founding beef curry" that is the base is just a curry that is stewed until the beef ribs melt, so the taste of the meat has melted out plenty, and there is a huge chunk of meat So there is no complaint about satisfaction. With a deep flavor, the rice goes slamming. Although the spiciness itself is about "medium spicy", the heavy spiciness that is transmitted to the gin rather than in the mouth is sinking, so those who are not good at spicy things should be careful May be better.

"Ninjaga" is no different except that there is no meat in it. Those who say "meat is unnecessary" can choose this, but the melted meat of the base remains as it is.

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