I tried playing "Dragon Quest Tact" just released → I learned the reality when I tried to love the initial monster

On July 16, 2020, a new application "Dragon Quest Tact" was released. Even though it's not as exciting as last year's "Dragon Quest," there are probably a lot of people who have been looking forward to it because it's been a long time.

As a Dragon Quest fan, once a new release is released, it's something you'll want to play once. I tried touching it for the time being, but it's easy to play with a sunnari. I thought this would be entertaining…but I had a few notes at the same time, so I would like to report it.

・Sensation like Dragon Quest 5

When you start "Dragon Quest Tact", the tutorial starts first. If you use "tact" in the title of the app, you can give instructions with the monster as your friend. At the moment, it seems unlikely that you will participate in battle, but the sense of joining a monster may be called "Dragon Quest 5".

The first buddy is Slime Knight. After all, I think that it is not only me who naturally wants to call "Pierre" only for familiar slime monsters at the beginning. And next time I made a friend, Draki. Alright, I'll love these girls to the fullest!!

I was eager to know the reality from here.

・Urgent fire sentence

That's because the monster scout [gacha], who will be released when you proceed to Chapter 2, did so. Basically, it was possible to play for free, but there were things like a start dash campaign that allowed me to draw 10 times for free. Of course, if I pray for the S rank advent and spin it…

The result is not good enough,It is fuller than D-rank Pierre.And if you automatically select a party with the recommended monsters…

Pierre was supposed to have never existed.. It would have taken less than an hour to move on to Chapter 2. I didn't expect the initial monsters to be fired in just a few battles…

Of course, you can also use your own favorite monsters… but you can do it, but it's sad because some people use the monsters that appear in the gacha when considering the efficiency of the game. I know that recent games are speed games, but it was too early.

・Battle is FF tactics

By the way, the battle is a style that moves in a frame, and is it like "FF Tactics"? It's interesting because it's simple to play, but there are also elements that make you feel like you're a soldier, such as using obstacles and attacking from afar.

On the way, you might think that it would be a terrible death to defeat small fish if you strengthen your fellow monsters with a scout, but it's okay because it incorporates the element of "discard" that is now popular.Auto playIf you choose, the battle ends without permission [you may miss the treasure chest], so you will not be bound.

・Beware of Wi-Fi environment

One last thing I was interested in. Zubari,Internet environmentYou will be asked to download each time you advance the story. The capacity is not so large, but if it accumulates dust, it will become a mountain. Be careful if you have internet restrictions at the end of the month.

In addition, this application is based on stamina. It's also a style of playing loosely, so I'd like to keep an eye on the future while achieving both the Dragon Quest walk and the dual wielding style.

Report:Takashi Harada

ScreenShot: Dragon Quest Tact [iOS]

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