I tried playing "Extreme Shogi" with a strange board that creates "Shogi packed shogi"


I tried playing "Extreme Shogi" with a strange board that creates "Shogi packed shogi"

"Extreme shogiIs a board game that is an original arrangement of Shogi, a classic Japanese board game. It is said that it is a very short-term decisive game of haraharadoki by modifying two of “board surface'' and “pieces'' which are important elements of shogi, so check what kind of game you actually play I tried.

Extreme Shogi | Hanayama Co., Ltd.

This is Extreme Shogi.

Extreme Shogi is a classic Japanese board game called Shogi, with an unusual arrangement of drawing cards, connecting boards, and arranging pieces.

The time per play is 15 minutes, the target age is 6 years old and over, and the number of players is 2.

Included items are cards, shogi pieces, life markers, tate, shogi boards, and instructions.

A feature of Extreme Shogi is that the "board" and "pieces" are different from normal shogi. Normally, this regular shogi uses a square shogi board with a total of 81 squares each, 9 squares in length and width, but in extreme shogi, two pieces of a board like Tetris are used when you're not doing well…

We will create and use a board with a shape that is absolutely impossible with ordinary shogi.

Like regular shogi, there are steps, gold, silver, flying, horns, katsura, incense, kings, and balls…

Only 5 pieces written on the piece card can be used in one game.

If there are orthodox combinations of the 5 pieces, Ayu, Katsura, Silver, Horn, King…

Even in the case of a sharp combination of Ayu, incense, incense, incense, and king. The characteristic of Extreme Shogi is that the development greatly changes depending on the board and piece cards.

So, I will actually play it. First, the player takes 3 life markers of the same color.

Pull the board cards to each other……

Put it into play and connect the two cards.

Completed by combining the shogi board so that it has the same shape as this board card. I will play on this board.

Then draw the piece card…

Put out the piece cards and show each other.

Depending on the piece card, you can also start without a big piece of flying or corner. This time, this piece was Ayu, incense, Katsura, Silver, Ball, and the other side was Ayu, Katsura, Silver, Horn, King.

Then place the pieces on the shogi board. First of all, prepare a fresh tie.

Attach your legs…

Set it up along the connecting part of the shogi board.

Then, with such a feeling, the boards of each other can not be seen …

Place all your pieces on the board so that they are not shown to your opponent. The pieces can be placed anywhere, but the movement of the pieces is the same as that of normal shogi, and if the king is taken, the game is over, so it is better to place them while considering the shape of the shogi board and the opponent's pieces.

After arranging each other, remove the attachment and start the game.

From here, just like normal shogi, you move the pieces alternately from the beginning and go to get the opponent's king general. The board this time was like this.

Although the pieces are mainly placed on the left side of each other…

The right side is Sukasuka. Since the shape of the board is special, as a result of both parties' thoughts, there was a considerable deviation in the board.

First of all, advance the silver here and get the opponent's silver general.

The captured pieces can be put into play on your own turn, just like regular shogi.

Pieces that enter the opponent's base can be composed. Made silver into gold.

Next turn is Katsura, the opponent gets silver.

Then I took the steps on the left side……

With the following feeling, the corner goes through the open corner road, becoming a horse and the check.

The game set is in a "clogged" state in which the king is picked up by the upper incense even if he picks up a horse, and picked up by the horse no matter where he escapes. One game was over at the explosive speed.

If it gets stuck, or if the king or jade is taken, the turn ends. The losing side turns over one life marker. The player who wins the first 3 wins and can flip all 3 of their opponent's life markers is the win.

The point of Extreme Shogi is that the shape of the board depends on the luck, and sometimes it has a shape that is greatly shifted to one side as follows.

When I played with this board, it happened that the check was taken from the beginning.

In this case, the king has to pull back and pull. In Extreme Shogi, basically the game starts with the pieces coming into contact with each other, so the first player who can get the opponent's piece first is quite advantageous, but this time the checkerboard was taken from the first hand, so the opponent player As a result of wasting one move and giving up the first move.

The shape of the board has a great influence on how to hit it. For example, in the following scenes, with normal shogi, the king should be able to escape to the back or diagonally to the right. This time, however, the escape was cut off because the mass was missing.

As shown below, it is an ultra-long board and…

In some cases, three pieces of incense come.

Since three incense can be arranged so as to punch out the board, it is overwhelming from the initial state.

Although the opponent player has a large piece of horn, since the shape of the board is super-long, there is almost no room for the horn to move. With extreme shogi, the horns were generally more difficult to use than with regular shogi.

In normal shogi, you start with the situation of shogi shogi that arrives at the end, so you can point with a lot of tension from the beginning. On the other hand, shogi pieces have limited movement in the backward direction compared to the forward direction, soBall entryIf you do, the play may continue for nearly 50 turns.

Unlike normal shogi, there are few pieces to move, so it is possible to proceed with the game so that it will not get stuck if you think carefully. As each turn takes a lot of time to consider and the turn itself becomes long, it was more impressive to set restrictions such as "point one hand in less than one minute" to enjoy the unfolding development with good tempo.

Extreme Shogi is a game aimed at people who know Shogi to some extent, but for those who "do not know the rules of Shogi", you can also check how to move the pieces in the instruction manual, so you can play Shogi from Extreme Shogi. You can also remember.

"Extreme Shogi" is on sale for 1980 yen excluding tax. At, it was possible to purchase at 1670 yen including tax, which is 23% off from the regular price. Extreme Shogi: Toy

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