I tried playing the board game “PIECE o’ CAKE More Whip! ”


I tried playing the board game “PIECE o’ CAKE More Whip! ”

When cutting a round whole cake, it is easy to divide into 2 or 4 parts,3 equal partsIf you cut with odd numbers or prime numbers like, it will be very difficult to cut equally. "PIECE o 'CAKE More whip!“ Is a board game with the theme of carving the cake, contrary to the sweet appearance, it is a game that is forced to do advanced psychological warfare “ How to increase my share '' by showing that it is carved equally The GIGAZINE editorial department tried to equalize the cake.

“PIECE o 'CAKE More Whip!”-B2FGames

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The package features a delicious mango and strawberry cake based on strawberries.

The game is based on the theme of carving out cakes. There are various types of cakes besides the cakes drawn on the package.

The number of players is 2-5, the target age is over 8 years old, and the play time is assumed to be 20 minutes.

The contents are manual with 57 cake tiles.

There are 8 types of cake tiles: 9 blueberries, 7 white peaches, 3 marrons, 10 strawberries, 11 chocolates, 8 matcha teas, 5 flamboises and 4 mangoes.

The cake tiles have realistic illustrations as shown in the picture, so you will be able to reduce your tummy just by looking at them. The number written on the cake tile represents the number of cake tiles. For example, 10 strawberry cakes have “10” written on them.

The back has a tart-like design.

It is as thick as a 1-yen coin and is strong.

When 11 pieces of cake tiles are arranged, it becomes a shape that becomes one hole.

I tried playing with four people

This time I played the game with four editorial staff. First, shuffle 57 cake tiles and divide them into 5 bundles of 11 each.

The remaining 2 cards are left face down and excluded from the game.

Next, one person will be appointed as the cake clerk. The player who becomes the carveer selects an appropriate bundle from the five bundled cake tiles, turns them one by one from the top, and arranges them clockwise. The cake picture is so real that the editorial staff says "I'm hungry".

After arranging the cakes, the carving person cuts the cake into the number of players. For each player, at least one piece is divided so that the cake tiles are distributed, but the carving person will choose the cake at the end, so that the cake you will choose will be evenly and evenly saved It must be carefully carved out.

When the carving is complete, pick up the cakes that have been carved in order from the player to the left of the carve.

Decide whether you want to “eat” or “keep” the cake you get. For cakes that you decide to “eat,” place the cake tiles face down.

In the case of “eat”, the number of whips drawn on the cake tile is the player's score. Eating cake tiles should not face up until the end of the game.

The cake that you decide to keep is left face up so that other players can see the type and number.

Cake tiles that you decide to keep will get the number of points written on the top of the cake tile. However, only the player with the most cake tiles can earn points. For example, in the case of 11 chocolate cakes, only the player who has the most chocolate cake tiles can get 11 points.

Most of the editorial staff selected “Keep” at the beginning because “Leave” has more points to earn at the end of the game than “Eat”.

When each player finishes deciding to “eat” and “keep” the cake, the player to the left of the carve becomes the new carve and picks up a bunch of cakes and places them in the hall shape again. Repeat this procedure for 5 bundles, and add the points of the cake that you chose to “eat” at the end of the game, and the cake that you chose to “leave”, and the player with the highest score will be the winner.

At first, the editorial staff who was licking "Is it OK to divide the cake into four?" Faced the cake with a painful expression when I became a carer. The key point is how to get the cake you want without making the enemy advantageous, but it is very difficult to achieve both.

While everyone was struggling with how to separate the cake, a runaway carve came to 8: 1: 1: 1.

Of course, the left side of the carving person will clean up 8 sheets. If the player has children or beginners, it may be a good idea to do this as a handicap.

If you can carefully observe the cakes of all the players and find a cake that no one has collected, you can choose to “save” at the end of the game to get a score with just one cake tile.

So, the editorial staff who ate cakes with a high tendency to “ keep '' and steadily gathered cakes with a low tendency to “ keep '' earned high scores, gained 40 points and won the victory It was.

It is often used for card shuffling because of the shape of the cake tile.Hindu shuffleAndOverhand shuffleIt was very difficult to mix with such a method …

Mix cake tiles in a messWash shuffleOrDeal shuffleIt is recommended to mix with. If the cake tiles are not mixed well …

Sometimes a hall with three or more of the same cake is completed. The carving person was very worried about how to collect the strawberry cake that would get a high score if it was collected in "Take it away" so that it would not be distributed to other players. Playing without mixing the cake tiles may be interesting as it spices up the game.

For example, I tried to cut it like this. I tried to cut it like this

The editorial staff who chooses the cake first. I'm collecting matcha, blueberries, and chocolates, so it seems that I can take any of them …

Looking around, I lost to the enemy with the number of chocolate blueberries, so I took a cake containing 2 chocolates and increased matcha, or I took a cake containing 2 blueberries and got white peaches It was a very annoying choice to disturb the player.

Before playing “PIECE o 'CAKE more whipped!”, I was wondering, “Is it just a game to just divide the cake?” The result was betrayed. The point that the carving person chooses the cake at the end is the point that produces a big bargain on play. Although it is a simple rule, the psychological battle of how to leave the cake you want to take and how to make the decoy cake take on your opponent has become a highly complete game that is hard to think of the winning strategy and worrying about your head. It was.

There are many scenes where the game is exciting, such as when arranging, separating, and selecting cakes, and because it has high luck factors, it is also difficult to make a difference between advanced and beginners. Also, since there was no hindrance to the opponent player, it was a game that would be fun and peaceful to play with anyone. However, from the editorial staff who actually played, "there is a peaceful air because there are more than three players, and if you play one-on-one, a battle that reads tactics and kills …?" There was also an opinion.

The price of “PIECE o 'CAKE more whip!” Was 2000 yen including tax, and was available for purchase at 1980 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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