I tried playing with the processing app "FaceApp" to make the Hamada child gorilla feminine and aged! It is dangerous to process it into a smile!

Recently, it is popular to process self-portrait images. Change gender, make old or try to be a child. This is a game that uses a processing app called "FaceApp", and it has been attracting attention on the internet since it was introduced on TV the other day.

Actually, this app can process not only people but also statues and figures as long as they can distinguish faces. Therefore! "Don't use the brat or crap! ’The capsule toyHamada child gorillaI decided to play with…It turned out to be pretty dangerous when I applied a smile filter. This is scary……..

・Hamako child gorilla face processing

Both iOS and Android versions of the application are provided. You can fully enjoy the processing for free without upgrading to the paid "PRO".

First check the normal Hamada. It is a child gorilla with a flirtatious look.

At firstYouth filterWhen I try to put it on… It doesn't look that strange. Maybe it's because he is an old face. The face looks somewhat rounded.

nextAging.. I'm sure it's going to be like this. Astringent! The face is made of smoldering silver that makes you feel the weight of time.

continuemake up.. Even though it looks like it has a lot of impact, the makeup puts on a more gorgeous look. I don't think it looks cute.

AndFeminization.. The processing of long hair is surprisingly natural. However, it's a shame that the hair doesn't look so big even when the hair is long. By the way, I tried to feminize after applying makeup, but the effect of makeup was not reflected to that extent.

And finally,Smile filterIt is. Is it possible to force Futate Hamada to smile? Result of applying the filter!

Don't smile! Hey don't smile at all!! That's the face of Gusha, Hamada!

Even with an image processing app that uses AI, I couldn't make the humorous Hamoriko Gorilla smile. How can I make you smile? I want to soften the softness even a little. Will the day when my wish [Sato] will come true?

Reference source: iOS "FaceApp"
Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24
Screenshot: iOS "FaceApp"

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