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I tried "Chicken Tatsuta" which was released on May 5th at FamilyMart.

I tried Famima's “ Chicken Tatsuta ''!

"Chicken Tatsuta" is now available at FamilyMart.

According to the official website, "Thick thigh meat is wrapped in crispy tatsuta clothes. It is a dish that you can enjoy the aroma of ginger that has worked well and the eating response of chicken."

If you take it out from the familiar Fami Chiki bag, you can see a chicken tatsua, which is slightly larger than Fami Chiki.

The name of Tatsuta is suitable, and the fragrance of ginger is fluffy on the crispy clothes.

You can see that it is juicy even if you cut it.

When eaten, this tastes perfectly side dish! The taste that makes you want white rice.

A ginger flavor with a strong taste. The crispy batter is full of volume, so it's a perfect satisfaction for dinner.

It's a hot snack, so you can easily eat it with one hand, but I personally wanted to cut it and serve it on a plate with chopsticks. It seems to be good to arrange it over tartar sauce.

There are only a limited number of chickens at Famima, so if you're interested, don't miss it!

Store: Family Mart
Product Name: Chicken Tatsuta
Price: 230 yen (tax included)
Official site:Chicken Tatsuta | FamilyMart Official Website

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