I tried the snow crab liquor "ZUWAIGANI" / Sake that was the closest to crabs in history

From March 25, 2020, some snow crab liquor came out. The name is "ZUWAIGANI". Sounds interesting but crabs … Crabs & drinks were once reviewedCola with crab smellIs remembered. It was a product that had only impact in many ways.

Well that was a cola, and this time it's alcohol. It might be delicious. So, make a reservation before the release date. It arrived in two days from the launch, so I decided to try it now.

・ 2980 yen

It can be purchased here at "KURAND", a site specializing in sake, and the price is 2980 yen excluding tax. The frequency is 5 degrees and the capacity is 720ml. In addition, the shipping fee is 900 yen except for Okinawa, so get it for 4178 yen. Amazon_payments was available.

Since it was packed tightly in cardboard, there is no need to worry about damage. Well, it's a site dealing with sake. The bottle is simple and the label is "ZUWAIGANI" with a crab illustration. Was good.It's not a story, it's a guy who pursues deliciousness.

Looking at the ingredient list, it is white for sake. And red snow crab, bonito and mackerel …It ’s like soup.

In addition, the crab seems to be in its own right. Even though I did not shake the bottle separately,Crab-like floats can be seen floating from outside. In addition, the suspended matter should be stationary or in such a state. Maybe the liquid inside has some viscosity.


Let's open it. First check the smell.

Oh, crab!だ This is a crab! No, it's like sea urchin. Or squirt? I wonder what. AnywaysCrab-like marine smell. But this is a good smell. seems good. And I don't feel like drinking. After all this is not a canis soup?

When I pour it into a glass, a lot of crab-like things that were still floating also came in with my dobadova. And as expected, I'm trolling.

Well. I guess it's not a canis soup. Well, let's drink.


this is……

> Crab! <
 ̄Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ̄

・ Hot only

It was an overwhelming crab. And it was certainly sake. No, but it is poured as if it is sake, and if you drink it without knowing anything, you will be surprised a little. Although it tastes like sake, it has a strong crab, so it looks like alcoholic canis soup.

Suddenly looking at the kind of card enclosed here …

Hot only

Oh, that's it. If you look closely, it was written on the sales page. I was careless. When the card is opened, it says, "I also recommend" adult crab porridge "to be cooked on rice." So that's itIt certainly looks delicious. I guess it's better to enjoy it like a canis soup.

So I moved it to a cup and warmed it and tried it, but it was delicious. With a crab flavor that is overwhelmingly amplified than at room temperature,Can crabs wrap taste and smell more than real crabs?. I really feel the crab. Looking back, there is a level where crabs are likely to be.

But it's a completely alcoholic canis soup. However, it's definitely 5%, but it's also alcohol, so if you're eating crab porridge and eating with Huff Huff, you'll get drunk with Bellonberon. HoweverThis is really delicious and delicious. I guess it will be delicious if you add it to udon.

So, the sake with crab "ZUWAIGANI". Crab feeling is great to drink alone, so what about …I think I'm hungryHowever, if it tastes good or badDefinitely a thick crab. I think it's probably one of the closest to crabs in history. If you like crabs and sake, check it out!


Report:Egawa supplies

Photo: RocketNews24.

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