#I tried to eat "Monja Yaki Flavor", a local limited pokechiki! A gentle taste of blue glue flavor! | AppBank

"# Regional Limited Pokechiki" is now on sale at FamilyMart!ま し た I tried "Monja-yaki taste" limited to the Kanto region!

#Local limited pokechiki “ Monja grilled taste '' real food

"Pokechiki limited to area" is now on sale at FamilyMart! The following 7 types of regions and flavors!

Hokkaido: Butter soy sauce
Tohoku: Beef tongue
Tokai / Hokuriku: Chicken wings
Kanto: Monjayaki
Kansai: Yuzu Shichimi
China and Shikoku: Setouchi lemon
Kyushu: Chicken Nanban

The AppBank.net editorial department is located in Tokyo, so of course you will get "Monjayaki"!

When I put it out, it contains 6 pieces !?Pokechiki increase campaignIs being implemented!ま で Until April 20, one more than usual is advantageous.

Immediately a bite.

The first thing I feel is the flavor of green seaweed. The taste of the slightly sweet sauce creates a monja-yaki taste.

If you say monja-yaki, it's like monja-yaki, and if you say takoyaki, it's like takoyaki … (laughs). Oh, it's a kind of takoyaki version of a delicious stick!

Regional limited pokechiki can enjoy each taste in 7 areas. I'm really worried about Tohoku beef tongue and Kyushu chicken nanban!た ら If you go to Famima, please check the local limited pokechiki.

Store: FamilyMart
Menu: Pokechiki (Monjayaki flavor)
Price: 150 yen (tax included)
Official site:Pokechiki (Monja Yaki Flavor) | FamilyMart

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