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Sweets under the supervision of "Kamibayashi Shunmatsuhonten", a long-established tea wholesaler with a history of 450 years, have been released! The name is Matcha cheese roll baum. It's a collaboration between cheesecake, matcha, and dreams. I've loved FamilyMart for 10 years, and I've been eager to love desserts. Here's what I got from eating it! ‥

Great expectations from the package! ‥

No, no way to combine matcha and cheese. FamilyMart always goes diagonally above your imagination. If you like cheesecake and matcha, it's a strike.

I bought it with such excitement …

The package looks strong.

As expected, the collaboration with Harumatsu Kamibayashi. Baum looks delicious and the cream looks thick. This is the taste of matcha. I will continue to review while making my heart excited about expectations.

First bite

I opened it immediately, but it looks more delicious than the package. The color of matcha is already …

And I tried a bite … No, this was beyond the scope of collaboration! ‥

Matcha is bitter, right? I think that there is an image like this, but really delicious matcha is delicious even bitterness. The bitterness and mellowness coexist, like this time's matcha. This doesn't stop the spoon anymore! From here, I would like to introduce the points that were delicious to me.

Matcha sponge

First of all, about sponges. It is made by pouring matcha cheesecake dough into this roll baum and matcha baumkuchen.

In other words, the sponge part is matcha only. It seems that it is made from the most tea … As expected, there is only one. The bitterness is moderate, and it reproduces the deep taste of matcha.

Of course, the moist feeling of the dough will also be a habit. This is irresistible to Baumkuchen lovers.

Thick cheesecake

Next is the cheesecake part. It looks like "100% matcha!", But it doesn't happen. The taste is finished with matcha flavor while maintaining the richness peculiar to cheesecake.

In addition, since the dough is poured into the center of Baum so much, you can enjoy the cake alone or eat it with Baumkuchen. This is something that both cheesecake fans and matcha fans can enjoy twice at a time.

Balance of cheese and green tea

What I would like to convey more than anything is the exquisite balance of cheese and matcha. When I say cheese in cheesecake, I think that it has a fairly strong taste. However, the sweetness of the cheese is just right because of the combination of matcha.

Matcha has a strong impression that it is a matcha alone. This time, it's combined with baum and cheesecake, so you can enjoy a nice swelling. No way to match cheese and matcha so far … Next time, I would like to eat warm matcha and cheesecake together.

By the way, the matcha cheesecake baum introduced this time is only 258 yen (tax included) with this quality. The calorie is 339 kcal, which is also perfect for when you are hungry or for dessert after eating.

Why don't you enjoy the matcha and cheesecake and its surprising combination?

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baum
Price: 258 yen (tax included)
Official site:Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baum Family Mart

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