I tried to fold "Chu-Chu" knees for the first time in about 35 years! By the way, what did you call this?

One of the representatives of different names depending on the area is a bandage. Some say it's cut bang, band-aid, or live tape. Next to that, isn't it that there are regional differences in the names?

The widely known name is"Chuppet"Maybe, but in my hometown (Shimane)"Chouchu"Was called. It is a soft drink that is frozen and eaten. I found a similar product, so when I ate it frozen, I felt like summer vacation!

・What were you calling, Choo-chu?

The Chupet was manufactured from 1975 to 2009. At that time, there were products similar to this in various parts of the country, and it seems that the names were different in each part. I (Sato) did not know the names other than Choo Choo until I became an adult and moved to Tokyo, and I do not know much now.

Anyway, the one I bought this time"Shari! Shaved ice mood" (10 pieces tax not included 100 yen)That is. Contains 4 types of melon, lemon, strawberry and grape.

It's really nostalgic just looking at the container! I don't know at all what manufacturer I was eating when I was a kid, but I remember my brothers fighting for orange flavor. Even though it is a similar product, it is still manufactured, and I'm glad to be able to taste it again.

・Break on your knees!

Looking at the back of the bag, there is a note on how to open it. Be careful of injuries when using scissors. You don't need scissors! I think it's cool to fold a tight chow on your knees.Paki!When a nice sound is heard,It's an atmosphere like "I'm gonna do" with my classmates.. So don't! I don't need scissors!

・Weight at 35 years……

By the way, Chochu, which was laid in the freezer overnight, is frozen in a click.Yeah!! It's cold snack time!

Yossha folds it cool!I thought that, but when I tried to fold the knee for the first time in about 35 years, it did not go as I imagined, and it fell apart. Paki! It didn't happen, it was pitiful…

If you fold it well, the cross section will be clean, but the cross section that you fold will be dirty. My arm was also quite dull… I don't know how to tear it. I feel the weight of 35 years, really.

But it has no effect on the contents. The cold sorbet is delicious. The heat is also about to fly away!

The summer is expected to be extremely hot this year. In addition, a mask may be worn to prevent the new coronavirus infection. We would like to take full measures against heat stroke, such as by actively replenishing water and removing frozen desserts like Chochu.

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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