I tried to make a mechanism to turn my fanzine and creative fans into patrons at “ Easy My Shop ''


I tried to make a mechanism to turn my fanzine and creative fans into patrons at “ Easy My Shop ''

by mera

Some people think that if they could deliver their illustrations and cartoons to their fans and earn money from them, then … In order to create such a system, members can view and purchase only members, and special discounts and point rates will be realized only for paid members, so that works can be viewed by subscription type. Depending on the function, it is necessary to turn fans who are enjoying their work into "patrons" that support their activities. I created a place for illustrations and doujinshi announcements using "Easy My Shop" with all these functions.

Opening an online shop is easy my shop | Build a strong online shop for set sales and custom-made products

◆ I tried to enable the members-only function
◆ Member registration method and my page looks like this
◆ I tried to set "Favorite", "See later", "Order history", "Member exclusive contents" etc. in the member function
◆ "Premium member" with special price and special point rate
◆ I tried using "Subscription / Distribution Party-Lite" where payment is made once a month to make it a subscription service

You can read how to create a transcendent multifunctional online shop that sells your own illustrations and doujinshi from the following.

If you try to make a doujinshi shop at Easy My Shop that treats your own doujinshi as you want with “ Resale hope button '' “ Distribute coupon '' “ Limit the number of purchases to prevent resale '' It became like this-gigazine

◆ Member limited function looks like this

This is the completed drawing of the doujinshi shop actually made. The following screen is displayed for those who have not logged in as a member …

When you open the top page in the login state, the buttons "Favorites" and "Watch Later" that were not in the non-login state have been added below the product thumbnail. This makes it possible to register “favorites” and “watch later” from the top page, as well as to indicate which items are popular items that are “favorite” a lot, so that more people can see the popular items Can.

In addition, when you opened the individual product page, buttons to quickly add "favorite" and "watch later" were added, and at the bottom, a list of "watch later" was also displayed. This mechanism prevents fans from inadvertently saying, "I forgot to see it later."

In addition, it is also possible to limit product purchases to members. When a non-member presses "Add to cart" to purchase a product with the tag "members only" …

"This product is not authorized to be purchased" is displayed.

In addition, a mechanism can be adopted in which some product pages themselves are not displayed to non-members in the first place. In the "guest" state, the book "Secret Diary" does not appear anywhere on the top page …

When the member login is completed, it will appear like this.

In addition, the shop itself can be made available only to members. In this case, when you open the shopping cart, only the login button "Click here for members" and the new member registration button "Click here for non-members" appear, and there is no way for non-members to proceed to settlement.

Not only free members but also a paid member system can be adopted or a subscription type. This is a form that sells content called “Premium Members”. Click on the thumbnail "Premium Member Registration" …

"Subscription" was possible, paying 550 yen per month for 12 months including tax. If you create content that can be viewed and purchased only by premium members, you will be able to deliver products only to those who made this subscription, and you will be able to make more and more "patrons" that support you.

Ordinary members have no discount and point rate of 3% …

Premium members can also save money by saving 10% and increasing the point rate to 5%.

Since the point rate can be changed individually for each product, it is also possible to carry out a 10 times point rate campaign, etc.

◆ Member registration method and my page looks like this

So how do people who visit the website become members and use what features? I will look at that. If you press "Add to cart" on the product details page without logging in …

The shopping cart is displayed. At the bottom of the screen, "Leave members" is displayed on the left, and "Leave members" is displayed on the right. To register a new account, click “Register new and then proceed to checkout”.

Member information is displayed. Click "New Member Registration".

Check "I accept the terms of membership" and enter your password, contact information, etc.

Check gender, birthday, and e-mail magazine permission and click "Next".

Click “Register”.

Press "Return to shopping cart" …

The shopping cart is displayed again. Click “Proceed to checkout”.

After the member registration, it switches to the login state, so there is no need to enter the shipping address when purchasing. This saves the buyer much time.

Furthermore, if you register as a member, you can use the point system, and the more you purchase, the more points you can use as 1 point and 1 yen, so you can make a form that "it is rather a loss if you do not register". Of course, you can freely change the point rate.

Points can be used as money on the payment screen. Since we set 50 points to be given at the same time as member registration, click "To final confirmation" in the form of using these points.

Then, on the order details confirmation screen, "Point use -50 yen" and "This time added point 39pt" are displayed. "50 points" is also written in the payment method.

Also, when you open “My Page” by pressing “My Page” at the top of the screen, you will see “View Order History”, “Manage Subscriptions”, “List to Watch Later”, “Favorite List”, “Order with Quick Order”, “ "Management of destination list" and so on. Of course, the account information at the time of registration can be changed from here.

The order history confirmation screen looks like this. When and what you purchased, price, status, and next to it there is a button labeled "Re-purchase". It is very easy to just press this button without having to search for what you purchased from the top page when you repeat purchase.

"See Later" list and …

"Favorites" list.

◆ I tried to set "Favorite", "See later", "Order history", "Member exclusive contents" etc. in the member function

… So how do you create such a mechanism? Let's see that. Easy My Shop has a management screen called "Manager Navi", and all management will be performed from here. To use the member function, select "Add-in" from "Extended settings" at the top of the manager navigation.

There are various add-ins to expand the function here, and press “Settings” next to “Member function”.

Various settings of the member function are performed here. To implement the membership system, select "Normal Member". From this screen, it is possible to make a shop that only members can view and purchase, but this time, select "Never" as a member exclusive shop.

Select whether to register at the same time when ordering, e-mail address, password menu, My page display menu, etc. …

Customize input items at the time of member registration.

It is also possible to ask for a birthday or to request permission to send e-mail magazine.

If you are unfamiliar with the settings for membership guidance and membership terms, you will be confused, but if you press the button "Create example sentence", the template will be displayed, so if you use the template and change only the necessary parts OK is.

You can choose to implement or not implement the point system, and specify the bonus points, point grant rate, point confirmation date, point expiration date, maximum use points, etc. when registering a new member.

"Non-member setting" restricts the purchase and viewing of non-members. Check "Specify products that cannot be purchased" and press "Add to category".

Here, select the pre-set product tag “Members Only” and click “OK”.

In addition, browsing is restricted. Restrictions can be specified not only by category, but also by product. Finally, press “Save” to complete the setting.

This allows members and non-members to change the display and restrict their actions. Some products are invisible to guests …

You can make it visible to members.

"Favorites" and "watch later" functions are also members-only. After enabling the membership function, press "Settings" next to the "Favorite Settings" add-in.

This is done just by checking each check box and pressing "Save".

Then, like this, "Favorite" and "Watch Later" buttons appear below each product thumbnail on the top page …

"Favorites" and "Watch Later" will appear on each work page.

◆ "Premium member" with special price and special point rate

In addition, to set up premium members with different point rates and discount rates, open “Member List” from “Member Management” of the store manager Navi.

Select "Member group list" and click "Group registration".

Set the name to "Premium Member", set the member's special price to "10% off" according to the "partition rate", and increase the point grant rate to 5%, which is higher than that of regular members. Furthermore, to display that you are a premium member on the doujin shop, enter "Premium member-only browsing mode is active" in the "Free area by group". Since the design of the easy my shop shop can be changed, add a tag “{group_explain}” enclosed in a rounded red frameDesign change screenIf you type in, this character will appear on the page.

Premium members-only content is also set here. Finally, click "Save".

As a result, prices and point rates exclusive to premium members will be displayed …

When a premium member is logged in, a display appears at a glance.

◆ I tried using "Subscription / Distribution Party-Lite" where payment is made once a month to make it a subscription service

And this premium member can be a paid member or a subscription type service. This uses an add-in called "Subscription / Distribution Party-Lite". Click “Settings” next to the title.

The setting screen looks like this.

This function is a function to set products of "monthly delivery" so to speak, but by combining this with the membership function, it becomes a form that "only those who paid a fixed monthly fee can browse and purchase contents" You can do it. Specify payment format, next schedule confirmation email, next order data creation date, etc. and click "Save".

Open "Product List" from "Product Management" of Manager Navi and click "Product Registration".

Here, we will register a product called "Premium Member Registration".

If you select "Subscription / Distribution" as the sales method, set the number of deliveries to "12", and set it to be delivered on the 1st of every month, order data will be created one day before the delivery date Become.

When you select a product called “Premium Member Registration” from the doujinshi shop top page ……

It was like this. The displayed price is the amount per month, and if you pay by credit card, this amount will be automatically settled every month.

It does not automatically switch to premium membership, so you will need to switch manually. If you open the member list of the manager Navi and press "Details", you can search for detailed conditions. If you enter the product number of "Premium Member" and perform a search here, you will know who purchased "Premium Member", so press the edit icon …

If you switch from a regular member to a premium member …

A mechanism that allows only those who have purchased a "Premium Member" to view special content or purchase content is completed.

Easy My Shop has a free plan and a paid plan. Even with the free plan, a standard plan of 2700 yen per month can be used for 60 days after registering an account, so we used this standard plan this time. Anyway, because Easy My Shop is multifunctional, use it with a free plan and use it on your blog or websiteAdd only the "Add to Cart" buttonIt is possible to use. Detailed pricing plans and functions can be confirmed from the following page.

Opening an online shop is easy my shop | Build a strong online shop for set sales and custom-made products

In addition, in the system research that operates Easy My Shop, EC loversThey are recruiting staff.

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