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I made instant noodles in a box or a box of noodles found at a convenience store, exactly as it was written on the box.

I ate a topical G-type bag noodle "Pork Garden"

At a convenience store's cup ramen corner, I found an instant ramen "Pig Garden" in a rare box. 368 yen (excluding tax), it is a product in the high price range for instant noodles.

"Pork garden" of "back fat soy sauce pork garlic" that is called so-called G system, Jiro inspired system. It has been a topic on SNS for a while, and when I searched it, there were many posts by people who arranged and enjoyed adding various ingredients and removing juice.

I want to enjoy the arrangement, but this time it's my first time so I want to make and eat it as "normal" as written on the box!

Let's prepare only sprouts!

Although it is written on the box, it is necessary to prepare "sprouts" separately. That's why I bought a regular sprouts for around 20 yen per bag!

Then proceed as written on the box.

First of all, (1) 500 ml of hot water in a pot was written earlier, "Put the sprouts in a container, wrap them, and heat them in a microwave oven for 600 W for 3 minutes."

I want to make it "Normal", so I will rent the sprouts at 600W for 3 minutes.

Check the contents of the box before the water boiled.

The box contained pig farm soup, grilled pork and noodles, all of which were in the bag of noodles and back fat and garlic.

Since the water is boiling, add the noodles and grilled pork and boil for 5 minutes.

That's it, the sprouts are ready!

next,"Just before the noodles boilPut pig soup in a pot and let it boil. "… I say difficult things (laughs).

How many seconds before the noodles just boil up? Is "Hot boil" included in 5 minutes?投入 After having troubled while having various questions, put the soup at 4:30. I stopped the fire at 5:00.

Let's serve it in a bowl!

First, double the noodles and soup. The aroma at this point is like a deep soy sauce ramen.

If you put sprouts and grilled pork, it's time for backfat and garlic.

Topped with back fat and garlic and finished!

I used about 2/3 bags of sprouts, but I feel less. It seems good to use one whole bag.

Then you will!

The first bite is the smell and taste of garlic. Noodles are sucking thick soup, and there is impact!濃 It's thick enough to eat with sprouts. The taste of the soup is a full-fledged taste like eating in a shop. The rich flavor of soy sauce is addictive to the body of pork bones.

However, after all noodles are instant. Of course, it is thicker and more moist than other instant noodles, but it feels far from the firmness and tension of raw noodles.

By the way, I felt the most G-based after eating. The lingering finish is exactly what you would feel after leaving the ramen shop!

Very high quality instant noodles that can be easily used at home without going to a shop. It takes a bit of work because it uses a microwave and a pan, but it's also good to add toppings that you like.

368 yen, a little expensive in instant noodles, but if you like rich ramen, try it once ♪

Official site:Pig Farm Back Fat Soy Sauce Pork Garlic | NISSIN FOODS GROUP

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