I tried to make an analog record myself from the sound source of the iPhone / Impression at the moment when the groove is carved in the record

Speaking of "Adult Science Magazine" released by Gakken, the seasonal mook was launched for adults. The science kit that the purchaser assembles and completes is "Furoku" and is often featured in the news. I think many people are looking forward to it every time.

I myself was one of those people, and I've bought and enjoyed it many times until now, but from such "Adult Science Magazine"I can make an original recordI was very surprised that "Toy Record Maker" was on sale.

BecauseEngrave the sound on the record = cuttingI heard that this is a difficult work that only a few craftsmen can do, and it takes money and time. It costs 8778 yen including tax, and you can enjoy it just by connecting it to a smartphone such as iPhone or a PC. I bought it because I wanted to try it anyway.


When you open the box, you'll find an adult science magazine book, the body of Furoku and the assembly parts, a 5-inch blank record [a record without sound], and a record jacket.

Among them, I was surprised at the large number of parts for the assembly of Furoku.

The contents of the book are readable in interviews with artists who like records, and this alone is interesting. And, in the latter half, there is a Furoku assembly manual.

・Flow of assembly

Let me introduce the assembly process. I will omit the details of the procedure because it is written in the manual, but the rough steps are as follows.

Put a mat on the turntable

Wear a long belt

Arm stand and armrest installation

Slide creation/installation

Gear and motor mounting

Speaker assembly

Board mounting

Speaker installation

Short belt attachment

Tone arm/Cutter head assembly/installation

……In addition to the above, there are also "parts assembly", etc., and there are 18 processes in total. To do all thisHarder than you thinkwas.

First of all, I couldn't attach it to the target position with the first "mat attachment". When I tried to re-attach it again, the adhesive strength was so strong that I failed…

It was torn up splendidly. It was dented at the start.

Other than that, it didn't work well when mounting the board, the motor came off because the belt came off, and the speaker had to be restarted. However,Looking at each step is not difficult at allSo if you are a dexterous person, you may be able to do it smoothly.

In addition, there are many parts and terms that I saw and heard for the first time, such as the “needle pressure adjustment device” that adjusts the pressure of the needle that makes the sound on the blank record, and the “cutter head” that attaches the needle, making it difficult to understand the role of each. was.

as a result,1.5 hours from start of assembly to completionIt also costs. At this point, I got sick, but I turned on the main body …

Turned around!

When I became –, I was exhausted. It may be understood only by boys born in the Showa era, but I think it is similar to that impression when a radio-controlled model or Zoid that I had trouble assembling myself when I was in elementary school moved.

・Listen to commercially available records

Now, with the freshly made "Toy Record Maker", first check if you can listen to commercially available records. First of all, in the case of the 7-inch record, I could listen to it without problems by taking the detachable cutter head. However, please note that the size of the 12-inch record did not fit.

Also, the sound quality was never good. However, it is a nostalgic sound, and this is fun. It was once again realized that music is not "good and bad" but "enjoying the sound".

・Make original records

Now let's go to the favorite of this time, "creating an original record". First, adjust the stylus pressure adjuster on the cutter head. I didn't understand the work around here for the first time, but it worked.

According to the instructionsRecording level changes by adjusting stylus pressureApparently. Also, it is necessary to adjust the volume and equalizer on the iPhone so as not to skip the needle. It looks like I'll have to try again and again until it works.

Next, set a blank record, put a record holder on it, and connect the iPhone with your own music in it to the main unit. After that, put the needle of the cutter head on the blank record, start cutting, and play the song.

Then, as the blank record spins,

The groove of the record is surely carved.Exactly touchingIt is. It may be an exaggeration, but I feel that my hard work has been rewarded…!

While thinking about such a thing, it will be scraped off,

With the end of the song, the cutting of the record was finished. There is shavings on the surface, which can be washed off with running water.

Then wipe it off with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the record. And if you put a label sticker on the record and make a jacket to put the record in,Only one original record in the worldIs complete.

When you look at the finished product, I think that it looks like a commercial record. Since I had been skeptical about the assembly of Furoku, I felt like I was really happy!

What about the sound? Let's listen to it. If you set a freshly made Hoya Hoya record…

It is hard to say that the sound is good for compliments.. The volume was low and there was noise, and the result was far below that of a commercially available record. However, I may be more happy now that I have experienced cutting records.

・It took time…

That's why I tried to make an original record with only one in the world with "Toy Record Maker", but it took a lot of time to assemble Furoku. In addition, it is difficult to cut the important records. This is because the volume and sound quality often differ depending on the song, and it is necessary to make adjustments accordingly.

However, even for the first time I was able to manage it. Above all, from assembly of furoku to making original records,Even adults can fully enjoyThere is no doubt that it is content. So, of course, if you like music, but also if you want to enjoy the fun of going back to your child's mind and assembling the furoku, then this is a must-try.

Reference link: Adult Science Magazine"Toy record maker"


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