I tried two new products such as Haagen Dazs “ Samurai and Brownie Parfait '' which imaged parfait with sweet and sour red sauce


I tried two new products such as Haagen Dazs “ Samurai and Brownie Parfait '' which imaged parfait with sweet and sour red sauce

Haagen-Dazs' new work is a parfait that combines vanilla custard and brownie with sweet and sour strawberry sauce.Mini cup "Parfait of strawberry and brownie"”And expressed a fondant chocolate with a rich taste with a melted mouth.Crispy Sand Fondant Chocolate”Has appeared from December 10, 2019 (Tuesday) for a limited time.New work in the "Specialite" seriesHagen Daz's winter-limited products are appearing one after another, and I tried to eat these two new items at once.

Salmon and Brownie Parfait | Products | Haagen-Dazs

Crispy Sand Fondant Chocolate | Products | Haagen-Dazs

First of all, from “Mini Cup“ Parfait of Samurai and Brownie ””. On the lid is a parfait of candy and brownie, the brand name. It is said that vanilla custard ice cream is mixed with chocolate brownie and the top is covered with strawberry sauce.

In addition to cream, strawberry sauce and brownies, raw ingredients are made by fermenting fresh cream with lactic acid bacteria.Fermented butteris included. Calories are 240 kcal per piece

When the lid was opened, the ice cream was covered with a red strawberry sauce.

Under the strawberry sauce is vanilla custard ice cream and brownies.

When you eat it, a thick and sour strawberry sauce spreads in your mouth. The sourness of the sauce tightens the rich and rich vanilla custard ice cream. Ice cream has a slightly buttery flavor, and brownies have a moist and bitter taste. The sourness of the sauce, the sweetness of the ice cream, and the bitterness of the brownie were finished in an exquisite balance.

Next, “Crispy Sand Fondant Chocolate” is a package based on blue. The design with gold ribbons gives a sense of luxury.

Looking at the ingredients, white chocolate coaching, chocolate syrup, chocolate and chocolate making. The wafer part is cocoa wafer.

Calories are 263kcal per piece

Open the box and remove the contents.

Slightly larger than transportation IC cards.

Wafer has a crisp texture with a slightly bitter cocoa flavor. Melting chocolate coating melts in your mouth along with chocolate ice cream. Ice and coaching use 70% cacao chocolate, but it wasn't too bitter and the sweetness was emphasized by a thick chocolate sauce in the middle.

“Crispy Sand Fondant Chocolat” and “Mini Cup“ Samurai and Brownie Parfait ”” are 295 yen excluding tax each and have appeared in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from December 10, 2019 (Tuesday).

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