I tried using “ DrumBot '' which automatically plays the drum part to the music


I tried using “ DrumBot '' which automatically plays the drum part to the music

Even if you want to play music alone, for those who say that "melody of guitar or piano alone is not enough", but "there is no skill or knowledge to play drums", Google's machine learning project "MagentaA free web application that automatically generates drum parts according to the melody by AI of “DrumBotHas been published. I actually tried using it to see what kind of drum performances would be performed.


Access the above URL to use DrumBot. Keyboard input andMIDISince there is input, I chose keyboard input this time. Select "Keyboard" and click "I'm ready!"

The initial screen of DrumBot looks like this.

"Temp" can set the randomness of the generated drum part. For drums, a new drum part is created every two measures. A value of about 0.1, which is close to 0, produces a drum with no change, while a value of about 1 to 2 creates a drum part with a lot of change.

You can change the tempo by changing the value of “bpm”; the higher the value, the faster the tempo.

Press "record" to start recording. You can enter a melody for two measures.

You can play by directly entering the keys on the screen, or by entering the alphabet written on the red framed keys from the PC keyboard.

Press the z key to switch up one octave, and press the x key to switch down one octave.

The following is a movie with "tmp" set to 1 and "bpm" set to 120 and inputting music. Even with the appropriate melody and rhythm, a drum part that an experienced person plays the drum is automatically generated.

I tried using “ DrumBot '' that automatically plays the drum part to the music-YouTube [/ embed]

When you enter the melody, "Recording your input …" is displayed on the screen and analysis of the entered melody starts. It takes no more than two bars, the same as the input time.

After the analysis, the output of the drum part starts. The rhythm and pitch of the sound are displayed on the screen in the red frame. After the drum part is output, the melody cannot be input, and the drum part is output randomly and infinitely every two measures.

DrumBot can be input by MIDI instead of keyboard, but at the time of writing the article, browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge did not support MIDI input.

When accessed from Google Chrome, MIDI input and output destinations can be set individually.

For example, you can enter a melody from the keyboard of the keyboard. The following movie shows how the melody is actually being input from the synthesizer.

Using DrumBot-YouTube [/ embed]

It seems that you can enjoy playing ad lib on a randomly generated drum part.

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