I tried using “HARIO teapot clear without lid'' which is easy to care for even if you brew tea from tea leaves by integrating the spout and tea strainer


I tried using “HARIO teapot clear without lid'' which is easy to care for even if you brew tea from tea leaves by integrating the spout and tea strainer

If you want to prepare tea easily after meals or during tea time, you can use a tea bag, but if you want to brew your own tea, you should take a break with your favorite tea leaves. However, if you brew tea in a teapot with a strainer, you will have a hard time removing the tea leaves that are clogged up with the finest eyes. HARIO's "spout and tea strainer integrated"Teapot clear without lid", you can see how the tea leaves open in a clear heat-resistant glass container, and the tea leaves are less likely to become clogged and easy to care for, so I actually tried using them.

Clear teapot without lid-heat-resistant glass HARIO


This is the "lidless teapot clear" package.

The contents are two instruction manuals……

It is a spout with filter, packing, and body.

The "lidless teapot clear" has a capacity of 450 ml.FNC-45-TWith a capacity of 700 mlFNC-70-TThere is ", but this time select the one with a capacity of 450 ml. Although it is a small type, the handle of the main body can accommodate four fingers even for men.

Comparing the size of the main body with the transportation IC card, it looks like this.

The mouth is just as wide as the long side of a transportation IC card.

There is no scale on the body made of heat-resistant glass, but since there is a mark indicating 300 ml in the middle, it can be used as a guide for how much hot water is in.

As its name suggests, the biggest feature of "teapot clear without lid" is that it has no lid. The external spout made of PCT resin has fine holes that can function as a filter and rub tea leaves.

The silicone rubber packing has a shape like this.

Insert it in the groove of the spout as follows……

Used by attaching to the main body.

◆ I actually tried using it

If you look at the following movie, you can see that you are actually brewing tea with "lidless teapot clear" in one shot.
When you brew tea with HARIO's “lidless teapot clear'', it looks like this-YouTube


Add lukewarm water to a teacup and let it cool to about 60 degrees.

Next, put 3 to 4 grams of tea leaves per person in the "lidless teapot clear"…

Pour in the hot water of the drink.

After adding the spout, wait until the tea is served.

When the tea is served, pour it little by little into the teacup so that the strength is even.

The filter of "Teadless clear teapot without lid" can catch tea leaves firmly, so you can brew up to the last drop, which is said to have the strongest taste of tea.

The tea brewed in the "lidless teapot clear" actually looks like this. There is a little tea leaf fragment at the bottom, but at this level it is a level that I do not mind at all.

Tea is usually brewed in a teapot, but if you brew it in a teapot with a tea strainer, the tea leaves may not open completely or may not be completely filled with hot water, depending on the amount of tea leaves and hot water.

On that point, there is ample space for teapots. In addition, the main body of the teapot clear without lid is made of heat-resistant glass, so you can check the strength of tea and the degree of opening of tea leaves.

You can also brew herbal tea with rose petals and enjoy the way the petals open.

In addition, the teapot must be brewed with both hands while holding the lid, but "teapot clear without lid" does not come off even if tilted, so you can brew it easily with one hand. It's just a small difference, but it's great for those who have the habit of brewing tea often.

One of the points of the "lidless teapot clear" is that it is easy to clean up after drinking tea.

When you play the following movie, you can see how the tea leaves attached to the filter can be removed by exposing it to water for a few seconds.

HARIO's “lidless teapot clear'' is easy to wash-YouTube


When using a tea strainer, it is difficult to get tea leaves…

The "lidless teapot clear" is simply by pouring water on the spout filter…

The tea leaves are gone. After that, simply remove the packing and wash to complete cleaning.

Even men can put their hands in the body, so women can easily wash with a sponge.


HARIO's "lidless teapot clear" has not only a lid but also an integrated filter and spout, so even if you don't use a tea strainer that is hard to wash because it sticks to the tea leaves, you can brew them from the tea leaves. It is a teapot that allows you to enjoy tea. Since the main body is made of heat-resistant glass, it has a wide range of uses from hot to ice, and you can see the tea inside, so you do not have to worry about it being too thin or too strong.

In particular, I felt that the fact that the number of parts was three and easy to clean up was a nice point for people who often brew tea.

"Lidless teapot clear" by HARIOOfficial siteIt is possible to purchase from, and the price is 2200 yen including tax for the 450 ml capacity type and 2750 yen including tax for the 700 ml capacity type.

Teapot clear without lid (FNC-45-T)-heat-resistant glass HARIO

Teapot clear without lid (FNC-70-T)-heat resistant glass HARIO

Also, it is handled by, and the price at the time of article creation was 2041 yen including tax for the 450 ml capacity type and 2500 yen including tax for the 700 ml capacity type. HARIO (Hario) Teapot clear without lid 450ml FNC-45-T Practical capacity: 450ml: Home & Kitchen HARIO (Hario) Teapot Clear without Cover 700ml FNC-70-T: Home & Kitchen

You can also get HARIO's "lidless teapot clear" from the following gift article.

GIGAZINE Summer gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all!"-GIGAZINE

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