I usually use Porsche 911 with off-road specifications! One recommended compact and strong

"Not all city cars are equal," said Matt Farah, a YouTuber and motor journalist. Immediately after he moved from New York to the west coast of the United States, Los Angeles felt daily that public transportation infrastructure was collapsing.

Car commuting was more like a mountain trail run than a commuter in a city. From the huge Interstate 405 to the cracked road downtown Venice Beach, the only truck that could run smoothly on any surface was the Baja modified pickup truck. "There's Angels National Forest, the best sports car drive on the planet, and the winding road at Malibu Canyon, but traveling in urban areas is a nightmare," Farah grinned.

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"The transportation infrastructure is completely collapsed. There is little road rehabilitation, and highway joints are something that sports car owners wouldn't want to think about. Continuing cities are always congested, a nightmare for modern low-profile sports cars. "

In poor traffic conditions, the Ford Raptor pickup sport with off-road suspension, huge sidewalls and urban exteriors has become a game changer. However, even in LA, which is easy to move by car, its wide body hinders traveling in tight urban areas. So Farah came up with an idea.

"I wanted a car like a raptor, but a smaller body was better, and I arrived at a rally car with a higher height. The moment I drove a safari 911 that Le Keene worked on, "I was looking for Kore!" He said, "I'm looking for Kore!" The Grand Kevin Rolex GT Championship twice and enthusiastic Porsche fan Le Keen wanted a car that could go anywhere. Safari 911 has been developed for those who want it. He once tried to revive the rally version of the 911, which used to be part of the Safari Rally and the Dakar Rally.

Farah had a friendship with Keane and had the opportunity to drive the first Safari 911 car. And the moment I drove, I decided my order. "It was clearly different from the style most people would want for the 911, but I immediately sent a check to Leh," said Fara with a laugh.

The Keene Project, which Keane works on, will use the 911 G Series produced between 1979 and 1989 as a donor car. In some cases, Keene prepares the base vehicle, but customers can bring it on their own. Farah wanted to choose the color, age, and interior himself, so he brought it in. Farah chose the 1987 3.2 Carrera, wrapped in Cassie Red. Although it leaves a stain that makes it feel aging, this is a specification that many Safari 911 customers choose.

However, Farah himself was a little worried about this body color. "I was a little worried about body color. I was originally looking to repaint in my favorite Dalmatian blue, and was looking for a well-conditioned coupe with a G50 gearbox. The original owner of the 911 I found was I was shooting the car at noon, not an artist like Annie Leibovitz, and the Cassie Red looked terrible, because it looked like Cindy Lauper's lip gloss. "

"I knew it was a bit different from the actual color in the photo uploaded on Instagram, but I thought I had to repaint it and it was fine, and the price was cheap and the drive train was fine. After that, when I bought it and looked at it, it looked incredible, and I immediately stopped repainting. "The base vehicle was immediately sent straight to Keene's factory in Atlanta, where the modifications were made Was done.

The suspension features an Elephant Racing safari suspension, and the tires feature the same BF Goodrich K02 tires as the pickups, large bumpers, as well as specially made motorsport wheels. The engine was rebuilt, and Farah's rally car was finally completed. Those who saw the Cassie Red Safari 911 would not consider this a city car. But that was the one Farah had been waiting for.

"This car is literally a daily commuter city car. I recently installed a firewood basket on the rear seats, so I'm not going to the winding road or circuit. I'm going to and from the office, shopping and just going out. Because it's a "city car"

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