I want to see! Monster-class road car of 1000 hp starts public road driving test

Aston Martin's hypercar, Valkyrie, has generously poured the know-how, materials and methods that Cosworth has accumulated in F1. Equipped with a newly developed 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated 65 ° V12 engine, it can run on public roads and exhibit 1,000 horsepower. The Rev Limit has a performance of 11,100 rpm enough to compete in a race, and the engine that functions as a part of the chassis weighs only 206 kg alone.

It is worth noting the seats directly attached to the floor, but the crankshaft cut from billets is a work of art. It is machined from a steel bar with a diameter of 170 mm and a length of 775 mm, and after the first roughing, heat treatment, machining, and further heat treatment are performed, gear shaving, final shaving, and finishing. Will be applied. It takes about six months to remove 80% of the original metal rod before a single shaft is completed.

Valkyrie, made in such a detailed process, has finally started testing on public roads. Valkyrie's drive on the British highway, among other cars, is a strange sight. After all, it seems that Valkyrie is a car that goes well with the circuit.

Valkyrie will produce 150 road cars and 25 racing versions. They can, of course, run on public roads. In the near future, somewhere in the world, Valkyrie may run sideways.

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