I want to tell the hospitality people! The troche "PITAS" to stick in the mouth is too revolutionary!

Oh! Are everyone having a cold? There are many people wearing masks in the city, and you can hear the noise of coughing around here and there. I [Sato] is a little cold. He couldn't let go of his mask and licked his troche to prevent coughing.

A desk worker like me can drink something to moisturize the throat and lick a troche whenever you like, but it's unlikely to be a customer service. There are products that I would like to introduce to such people. Taiho Pharmaceutical's "PITAS". this isA troche of the type to be stuck in the oral cavityWhat? I would like to express frank impressions I actually used!

・ A troche to stick?

Lozenges are perforated donut-shaped preparations that are placed in the mouth and slowly dissolved in saliva. The main effect is to reduce inflammation of the throat, etc., but in the case of the hospitality business, putting things in the mouth may make the tongue worse or affect conversation.

Pitas can talk smoothly even if put in his mouth, and it seems difficult to understand if things are put in his mouth.

Looking at the package,Lozenges to put in your mouthIs that it? I don't know what to put on. For now, let's open it and see what's inside. When you open the box, what comes out of the box is a sheet-like object. What is this?

Is this a troche? It's a cute little girl. I don't know!

When I opened the individual packaging, I found something like a green round sticker.

This is a troche !?

Is it really a troche !?

Have you ever had a lozenge troche like this? I didn't. If you really feel the effect,RevolutionaryI can say that.

By the way, the usage is to put it on the tongue once and stick it on the upper chin. Be careful when pasting, as it is likely to be swallowed if you are careless.

・ Let's put it on

Let's actually lick it. In this case, I don't know if the expression "lick" is appropriate, but let's put pitas in my mouth anyway. First, put one on your tongue.

Then, stick the pitas on the upper chin. It seems good with this, but I'm a little worried whether it's sticking really well …

For the time being, there is no hindrance to the conversation. The effect of the troche makes the mouth feel refreshed,I feel like I peel off when I drink a drink and I can not feel safe.

・ Read the explanation carefully

Well, this seems to have to get used to. However, it is certainly a new form of troche. It is possible that other drugs may adopt this form in the future. Pitas can only be taken by adults aged 15 and over. One at a time, up to six times a day. Also, it must be left for more than two hours. It is recommended that you read the instructions carefully when taking oral medication.


Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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