I want to use the classic coupe everyday!道 The road selected by the owner | 68 year Mercedes-Benz 250SE vol.2

Falling in love with a beautiful coupe, the path chosen by the owner

Goro Inoue, his 20's owner, was also absorbed in such a beautiful style and obtained this 68-year 250SE. And with a passionate desire to use this beautiful Mercedes on a daily basis.

However, even though it is a Mercedes, it is very difficult to use a car 45 years ago everyday. So we arrived at a technique called engine swap. The goal was to equip the car with an auto air conditioner and a navigation system to make it comfortable and safe to ride. Of course, it was a major premise that the identity as a welcoming W111 Mercedes would be finished with a degree of perfection that would not hurt at all.

The modification that modernizes the mechanism, such as swapping to an older engine, while completely sticking to the original appearance and interior, is called “ rest mod '' etc. in the United States of custom developed countries and attracts “ In recent years, it has attracted attention as something more difficult than “custom”.

ア ン “Unlimited” in Kasugai-shi, Aichi, who was in charge of such a modification this time, is a professional shop that has sent out numerous engine swap vehicles to the world in the past. Naoto Nishigiri, who is the representative, thoroughly talks with the owner, boil down the specifications, and work on the perfection, so that people who know it know.

As you can see, it cannot be seen from the appearance that this car is equipped with a Toyota-made 2JZ engine and is equipped with units such as an auto air conditioner, HID headlights, and a car navigation system. The same goes for sitting in the driver's seat.

オ ー ナ ー In order to enjoy the old car that you will love for a long time, the owner who has performed the restoration of + α is never wrong!

In response to the owner's commitment, the capacity is registered with six people. It is the Unlimited style that fully meets the owner's wishes.

The air conditioner operation panel uses a crown. It is installed at the lower right of the steering wheel, a little behind the dashboard, and is designed to be inconspicuous but not inconvenient. On the right side of the air conditioner panel, indicators for the security system are housed in a one-off panel.

An in-dash type navigation monitor is installed below the stock radio. Pull out the unit body, and when the monitor comes up, the monitor will appear at the position of the genuine radio. It is designed to be easy to use while being inconspicuous.

Nostalgic Hero vol.166 December 2014 issue [all contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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