I wanted to sell the R34GT-R! Skyline admired when you were young | Prince Skyline 2000 GT-AII Vol.3

Owner Yoshiyuki Okuyama, who liked cars that run well, admired the S54 Skyline when he was young.

After riding various cars such as 110 Sunny, we meet PA30 Gloria.

Prince Craft, a former Prince-based car specialty store, was responsible for maintaining the PA30.

As I went to the shop many times for car maintenance, I was worried about the S54A sold at the store.

At that time, I owned the R34 Skyline as a car that I usually use.

NISMO chain boasts a performance not available elsewhere.

At that time, Okuyama who found himself worried about the skyline 40 years ago, while riding the best car in the world, finally decided to purchase the S54A.

A few years later, he sold R34 and bought S54B.

The two would fit in the garage.

“I didn't have enough cars when I was young.

Now I am happy that there are so many high-performance cars, "says Okuyama.

Nevertheless, the car I longed for was the S54 Skyline, which was the same as I used to be before and young.

He says that will not change in the future.

The extruded front shape is inherited from Skyline Sports.

It will be passed on to the skyline after this.

The grille became a vertical line of type III, and a horizontal line for type II.

G7 engine equipped with one Weber twin choke.

The cab was fitted with a secondary to get more fuel and tuned to get turbo-like acceleration from around 4200-4300rpm.

Clock and radio on center panel.

The four buttons on the bottom are the heater on / off button, cigar lighter [currently equipped with a car navigation socket], choke button, and wiper button from the left.

Above the main key, a ventilator and key lighting are provided.

Attention is paid to the details, and the interior is luxurious and easy to use.

Published: Nostalgic Hero, December 2011, Vol.148 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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