"I was longing for that powerful engine sound." A 21-year-old owner who also bought his own S54B that his brother also had|65 years Prince Skyline 2000 GT Vol.2

The 2000 GT had a sales period of only 7 months. Since September 1965, the 1-cab version has been renamed 2000GT-A and the 3-cab version has been renamed 2000GT-B, so the existing 2000GT has few individuals. However, this model is the first car to call "2000GT" by combining 2000, which represents displacement, and GT, which is a grade name, as the skyline's car name. The origin of the skyline 2000 GT legend that will later rise is the S54.

Mr. Masayuki Muramatsu, who works for an automobile-related manufacturer, is the owner of the interview vehicle. I'm still 21 years old. Why did you own a car 47 years ago? The environment in which I grew up has a big influence on it.

"My father was a former Nissan Sunny mechanic, and when I was in junior high school, I bought the B10 Sunny again. My brother also liked the Prince's car, had the S54B, and admired the powerful engine sound."

 Since I was in elementary school, I have always wanted to ride the S54 Skyline.

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