I went to Steak Ken for the first time in my life! If you ask for "wild steak," you will discover a disappointing fact …

Recently, I [Sato] is eating only steaks. Why? Why?When I ask the answer in the spring breeze, nothing comes back. I have no choice but to eat steaks until I understand why. Surely there is no answer anywhere …

Aside from that, while saying steak steak, I remembered that there was an important shop that I had never been to. "Steak Ken", which was called "Roadside Hyena". When I first visited the store,There is a wild steak in the signboard menu on the table! I can't eat this!However…….

・ Kokubunji shop

I visited the Kokubunji store in Tokyo. The nearest station is JR Kokusai Station, a 12-minute walk from the north exit.

This is a steak fight. I knew its existence, but why wouldn't it ever have been. It's strange and irresistible. alsoI couldn't get an answer when asked in the spring breeze … Why don't you answer me

Aside from that, if you look at the menu at the entrance … this is this !?

It's a wild steak !!!!

What are you hiding?I like unrivaled wild steak. What is your favorite steak? When asked, wild steak! I like to answer 即 immediately. You have no choice but to eat! So, I entered the store with pleasure. However, we will know the unfortunate fact …

・ Lunch is a little advantageous

When you arrive at the guided seat, the menu is spread all over the table. The menu is really rich! I'm wondering what to eat, but my mind is fixed. Wild steak!

I wanted to place an order and looked at the menu again, but it wasn't listed anywhere!に Why was it on the table?と Ask the staff,Wild steak is the name of the previous product, it seems to be different now.

that is"Premium Ken Steak"was. Um sorry … By the way, it is 1980 yen excluding 200g tax at normal rate.

Lunch is 1950 yen excluding tax. Lunch is a little bit cheaper.

・ Udon, why are you here …

After completing the order, first go to the salad bar. Rice soup and salad are free. This is the real pleasure of Ken. It's coming for the first time, but I know it's attractive!

The one I found interesting was the fruit corner. Udon is somehow in the cut fruits lined up. Udon, why are you here?The answer is Nothing ….

That aside!Starter kit is completed with salad, rice, soup, etc. as containers! All you have to do is wait for the steak to arrive.

-Should be called Wild

Soon, a steak on a hot iron plate will appear! Although it weighs about 200 grams, its appearance is imposing.

The thickness is estimated at 2 cm. The grilled surface is also beautiful, and the gravy overflowing from the inside stimulates the stomach. good! Good!

When you try it, it tastes good as it looks! The site used is Misuji. The meat is tender and the taste of the meat spreads in the mouth when chewed.

This is a premium response, but for me it's a level that can be called "wild". If possible, revert to the previous name "Wild Steak". It seems that the motivation as well as the eating side will rise. Whispering such a wish in the wind, I left the store. Spring has come to that point …

・ Information on stores visited this time

Store nameSteak Ken Kokubunji branch
Street address1-11-1-1 Fujimoto, Kokubunji, Tokyo
business hours11: 00-22: 00

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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