"I would like to end by winning one win no matter what."

The possibility of the Wizards rookie Riki Yamura [22] entering the playoffs [PO] has disappeared. Starting in the Pelicans, he scored 23 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists in the 37th minute appearance, but the team lost and lost 5 consecutive games after restarting. The Wizards won all three remaining games, and even if the 8th place Magic in the eastern region was completely defeated, the difference could not be closed within four games, and it was not possible to proceed to the PO advance decision match. “I've been aiming for PO. I can't go, but I want to win one and end the season,” said Yamura.

The victory was an absolute requirement, and I struggled from the beginning. One minute after the start of the 1st quarter [Q], the second 3-point shot was decided after the restart. After the last match, "I wasn't able to contribute in the last three games, so I was eager to stay active," he decided from the left 45 degrees. After that, he decided three shots with two 2-point shots and made a flow. Participation from the remaining 9 minutes in the second Q. The team scored the highest score of 15 points in the first half alone, with 41 to 43 teams deciding to shoot from the middle range for the third consecutive time. 7 out of 8 shots were successful.

In the second half, when the victory came to be seen, it was reversed at once. Even if you hold the ball in a violent defense, you cannot make a pass and cut into it. He was unable to increase the score because he was hit with an unnatural posture. In the 3rd Q, 9 points lead, the remaining 8 minutes to 6 minutes, 22 points was taken from 4 Wizards 4 points. Hachimura regretted, "I was relaxed and brought the flow at once. I need to tighten a little more."

With the departure of the main force, the mark became tough and the game continued to be stressful, but it was the most after the resumption of 23 points. Although Yamura's original play was finally back, it didn't lead to victory.

In the first year of the season, he started in all 46 games played. Although he had been withdrawn from his hip joint for about two and a half months, he decided to double and double from the opening game, and supported the team as a main force while being a newcomer. He continued to lose, but after being interrupted by Corona's bruise, he appeared in the season after restarting with a margin of 5/5. He continued to stand on the court amidst the unusual situation of unconventional, centralized holding at one location. “My teammates have changed during the season, but it's great to be here. I am grateful to have been able to play in the pandemic,” he said.

The team is ranked third with an average of 13 points or more per game. The rebound also marked 6 or more, and left the top class among the new draft leaders. However, there are still issues such as the number of successful 3-point shots, active attack participation, and the defense strength of the lowest league in the team. "I think we'll have a good team next season with John [Wall] and beer. I want to finish the rookie season and use what I've learned for the next season." Although we have left the PO advancement, we will continue to play hard in the remaining three races and will be able to continue to the next season when the December season starts.

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