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ICOS compatible machine "ACRO" and "GEEK" with smart cleaning and three-stage temperature control function also three-stage temperature control-Engadget Japan version

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1. Approximately 18 times or 23 times continuous smoking with one chargePossible

2. Equipped with automatic cleaning function of automatic operation

3. Three temperature controllable



Portable with only 39g pen type
Can be used about 12 to 18 times continuously with one charge.

Approximately 23 batteries can be used on a single charge with a large battery capacity of 1900㎃ [79g body]It can be used about 18 to 23 times continuously with one charge.

・ I feel like I'm losing to paper tobacco that can be continuously sucked after changing from folded paper tobacco to electronic cigarette

・ I do not want to have several electronic cigarette chargers like continuous sucking

・ I don't want to bulk up things that are essential to carry

・ I want to change to an electronic cigarette but I can't buy it because it is a little expensive

・ I want to use something different from others

・ I want to change from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes because I am more concerned about the smokers recently

・ I want to try e-cigarette

・ I want to carry another one for everyday use and spare

・ Paper tobacco is disliked by family

・ I miss lonely cigarettes on the veranda and it is cold in winter

・ There is no charge time to smoke continuously because you always smoke in a short free time

・ There are many scenes where you have to stop on the way, and it takes time to count again

・ There are many situations where smoking is divided over a short period of time

・ I sometimes want to lend to a person who forgot an e-cigarette

・ Some people want to use the electronic cigarette charger when they like

Heat stick temperature can be adjusted in three steps

Temperature can be adjusted by clicking the button three times within 2 seconds in the standby state [state in which the heating operation is not performed].GreenBlueRedLoop in the order of

Green Low temperature 285 ℃

Blue Medium temperature 305 ° C

Red High temperature 325 ° C

When the indicator lamp starts flashing red, start charging as soon as possible.

When charging is started after charging is completely lost, it takes about 80 minutes to complete charging.

[How to check current charge level]

Press the button once within 2.5 seconds

green 40% or moreBlue 10% to 40%Red less than 10

While charging, the lampFlashing redTo do.

When charging is completedgreenLamp lights up.

[Cleaning inside the body]

Press the button 8 times within 5 seconds in standby mode to start cleaning

It vibrates once as a sign of cleaning start and the motor starts.

Then about 20 times the lampFlashing blueTo do. * At this time, the stick heats up to about 400 ° C

Burn the leaves remaining near the stick.

Vibration and motor start again as a sign of cleaning completion.

[Unburned cleaning]

Use the included cleaning brush or alcohol swab to clean any remaining burns

Please note that pressing too hard may damage the heat stick.

* Every 20 times is a guide for cleaning

I think the rest time and the timing of smoking are individual. In my case, I spend my days in the style of "break time", so sometimes the break time is "2 hours" or "5 minutes". How do e-cigarette enthusiasts use the break time "5 minutes"?
I wanted to smoke and store as much as possible.
However, since it changed from paper tobacco to electronic cigarette a while ago, it took a long time to "continuously suck" [because the purchased electronic cigarette folder needs to be recharged after smoking once], one for a 5-minute break time I felt a limit and stress in sucking.
People who changed to electronic cigarettes often heard that "I can not return to normal paper cigarettes anymore" "I hate the smell of paper cigarettes" "There are more places where electronic cigarettes can smoke than paper cigarettes" etc. , I was one of them, but I was wondering if I could return to cigarettes many times with this "no continuous sucking" neck.
I met at that time"ACRO" "GEEK"was. I knew there was an e-cigarette changer, but I didn't believe it worked. But, I am very satisfied with the result [* personal impression]There is still a 5 minute break, but basically I smoke for 5 minutes. Thanks to you, stress is gone.

How to use my "ACRO"
I carry it with myself, but when I go out with a smoker's acquaintance, I am satisfied when I find a smoking place that appears like an oasis in a city where my acquaintance's e-cigarette is upset or a smoker has narrow shoulders in Tokyo I continue to suck continuously.

How to use my "GEEK"
"GEEK" with a large battery capacity is located in the smoking area of ​​the workplace. It is very useful to share with everyone, and those who did not stubbornly change from paper tobacco to electronic cigarettes changed to electronic cigarettes triggered by sharing “ GEEK '' She seems to be very pleased with her family because she is gone. I felt a little social contribution.
In addition, I continue to use it, believing that it can be used in various scenes. [I use it at a high temperature with the red lamp lit, though I like it]

One-button simple design

Press and hold to turn on. With the motor sound of "buzz" as a sign of the start of heatinggreenLamp flashes and heating starts.

As a sign of the end of heatinggreenHeating is finished instead of the lamp.

Long press again to turn off. If you want to stop the suction before the end of use, press and hold the button to end the heating. As a sign of the end of heatinggreenThe lamp turns off.

"ARCO"Can be used about 12 to 18 times continuously. You can use it as many times as you want, as long as the charge continues at your own timing.
"GEEK"Can be used about 18 to 23 times continuously. You can use it as many times as you want, as long as the charge continues at your own timing.

The lid is a magnet type that is hard to lose and easy to attach

The product price includes shipping to your home.

・ This productTarget age is 20 years or olderis. In addition, pregnant women, those with heart disease, those with high blood pressure, those with other diseases or allergies can not be used.

・ There is no waterproof function. Avoid storage in humid places.

・ This product is exclusively for heated tobacco sticks. Do not put any other flammable substances made into the body with heating.

・ Please clean around 10 to 20 tubes. If used without cleaning for a long time, the suction function may be reduced.

・ The body gets hot when used. Be careful with burns. If the temperature becomes too high to withstand use, there is a possibility of initial failure. Please contact your retailer.

Q & A
Q: Will you ship anywhere?
A: Yes. Delivery is possible in Japan.

Q: Can any e-cigarette be accepted?
A: AYI applies to electronic cigarettes with a heated surface diameter of about 8mm.

Q: Can you fix it if it breaks?
A: There is a 6-month warranty after purchase if there is a natural failure.

Q: Is there a waterproof function?
A: AYI does not have a waterproof function. Avoid getting wet as it may cause malfunction if it gets wet.

Q: Do you have a charger?
A: A charging cable is included. Please prepare an adapter.

Q: Where is the product from?
A: It is Silicon Valley Shenzhen in China.

Q: Is there a manual?
A: English, Chinese and Japanese manuals are included.

As you know, the location of smokers is getting smaller around the world. Of course, the space where people can smoke is gradually decreasing in Japan, and the number of smokers seems to be decreasing.
However, many of them, including me, like smoking and willing to accept it as part of their lives. While many facilities, including restaurants, are going "no smoking", I personally believe that the number of places where "only electronic cigarettes can be smoked" will increase.
For that purpose, it is important to keep manners between smokers and not to bother others.
By observing the rules, in the future, Japan will be able to smoke if e-cigarettes are used."ACRO" "GEEK"Is the first step and I believe you can reduce your stress a little.

TRIOO TECHNOLOGY Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech consumer electronics company headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
Currently, TRIOOTECH designs, manufactures and sells AYI brand electronic cigarettes mainly in the European Union, Japan, Korea and North America.
We always work on development, design and manufacturing without compromising on high quality, reasonable price and better service under the motto "Simple, healthy and enjoyable life".
As a proof, we have obtained various certifications including patents for our design and structure.

[ARCO set]

・ ACRO body
・ USB cable for charging [Please prepare an adapter]・ Cleaning brush
・ Alcohol swab for cleaning
・ User manual [China, English, Japanese]・ Option: [ACRO exclusive leather pouch]

[GEEK set]

・ GEEK body
・ USB cable for charging [Please prepare an adapter]・ Cleaning brush
・ Alcohol swab for cleaning
・ User manual [China, English, Japanese]・ Option: [GEEK exclusive leather pouch]

We are a company whose mission is to "deliver smiles through wonderful products all over the world".

We will continue to introduce products that will make our customers smile.

Thank you for your continued support.


It is a product under development. We will keep close contact with the factory and make every effort to make it as satisfactory as possible. However, please understand that the design and specifications may be partially changed for some reason during manufacture.

* If the number of support exceeds the expectation, the shipping time may be delayed due to the manufacturing process etc.

* If you receive support from people who exceed expectations through this project and can further improve the mass production system from the current environment, the regular sales price may be lower than the planned sales price.

This product may be subject to personal imports and parallel imports that cannot be prevented depending on the market. Please note.


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