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It's a season when you feel a little chilly without a jacket. If you are planning to go out for winter sports in winter, it's time to get ready.

The items introduced this time are ideal for skiing, snowboarding and alpine hiking!Take photos and videos empty-handedGoggles with a camera that can"3K Goggles"is.

Shooting videos empty-handed

Shooting videos empty-handed

"3K Goggles"Is a goggle with a camera that allows you to shoot movies empty-handed during winter sports.

InstalledHigh definition HD camcorderHowever, you can leave fun memories in the snowy mountains and a dynamic field of view that only you can experience.

Method of operation

To use it, just push the button on the side of the main unit with the goggles on!

The camera lens can be adjusted up by about 15 degrees and down by about 10 degrees.
The video is automatically saved every 10 minutes and can be saved up to 128GB on the MicroSD.

Method of operation

Super lightweight with a camera

The main body is about 210gSuper lightweightAnd waterproof!

As with normal goggles, it is hard to fog and can cut UV, so you can concentrate on enjoying while shooting without worrying about weight and UV rays!

Super lightweight with a camera

Choose from 2 colors

There are two types of lens colors! If you want both blue and silver, you can replace them by purchasing different colored lenses!

How to replaceProduct DetailsPlease refer to the video of.

Choose from 2 colors

Product Details

Detailed product detailsHerePlease refer to the.

Product Details

Pre-order sales until November 29, 2020

Introduced this time"3K Goggles"Is on sale for pre-order at Makuake!

Don't forget to prepare for winter sports! Why do not you leave winter memories with multi-functional high-quality goggles?

Click here for details on "3K Goggles" →Shoot video empty-handed Ski / snowboard / bike goggles with 3K camera

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