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Ideal for storing A4 size documents! Security box with key

Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd. has released the "SL-86" security box with a key, which is ideal for storing A4 size documents.

■ Security box with key

The "SL-86" is a security box with a key that can store and store A4 size documents and files.

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If it is A4 size, even a ring file can be stored as it is. If the file thickness is 60 mm, you can store 2 books, if it is 30 mm, you can store 4 books, and if it is 15 mm, you can store 9 books.

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This product has a key as a measure against theft and information leakage, and is recommended for use for managing and storing important data.

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Furthermore, by attaching a security wire such as "SLE-32S" manufactured by Sanwa Supply (sold separately) through the handle of this product, it helps prevent the box itself from being stolen or lost.


The material is a sturdy steel material, so it protects the stored items firmly.

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The A4 file size makes it easy to manage and store on shelves and racks, so it can be stored anywhere. As it has a handle, it can be easily carried.

Security box with key "SL-86"

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