"If it's a city ride, it's A, if it's a high speed, it's B." If you take over the GT-A, the GT-B also! Two S54 | Prince Skyline 2000 GT-B GT-A Vol.2

I was worried about the GT-A being restored, and four years after I received it, I added the GT-B. Two S54 Skyline 2000GTs were lined up in the garage.

-No major modification has been performed on both units. Exchange of steering wheel, seat and wheel. Only the differential is built into GT-A for GT-B, but he is enjoying the original features of the engine.

"If you're riding in the city, you're going to A, and if you're driving at high speed, it's B. The single cab A is easy to ride and the body size is just right, so it's easy to drive even in tight places. B feels good both in sound and acceleration. According to the catalog specifications I feel the power of

 If you are in an old car, you will have trouble. Still, Mr. Okuyama, who is an old car, is quite ordinary. The wife in the passenger seat is enjoying the trouble together.

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Enjoy the difference in ride quality between A and B.

Although it is not a bucket seat, it is a genuine seat with excellent support performance.

Behind the back of the passenger seat is an ashtray for the rear seat. Some types do not have it.

I started attending Prince Craft and met with Yoshikazu Sunako. His signature on the visor.

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