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If you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you can play "Fire Emblem Musou" for free, a week from January 20-Engadget Japan version

"Fire Emblem Musou" will be an all-you-can-play as a free event for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The period is one week from January 20 [Mon] 12:00 to January 26 [Sun] 18:00.

"Issue Trial" is an event in which Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play the target game any number of hours during the period. When you purchase the product version, you can continue the save data of "Issue Trial".

You can download the software from the "Fire Trial" at the top of the "Fire Emblem Warriors" page in the Nintendo eShop, and you can play it during the target period.

"Fire Emblem Musou" is a tactical action game in which Koei Tecmo Games' Musou series and "Fire Emblem" collaborate. A variety of characters appear beyond the boundaries of the "Fire Emblem" series, and not only actions, but also epic stories are developed.

On the day of the “Issei Trial”, a “Fire Emblem Musou” download version and a “collective discount pack”, which includes all paid additional contents, will also be on sale.

■ Campaign Overview
All trial period
January 20, 2020 [Mon] 12:00-January 26 [Sun] 18:00
Sale period
2020 January 20 [Mon] 12:00-February 2 [Sun] 23:59
Sale price [DL version]Regular price 8580 yen [tax included, same hereafter] 5148 yen [40% off]Collective value pack together "
Regular price 3055 yen 1833 yen [40% off]


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