If you are worried about Mercedes-Benz EV, go to Tokyo Auto Salon! │ Expand "EQ" booth

Mercedes-Benz is developing "EQ" as its own brand of electric models only as vehicles become more EV-friendly. It is quite difficult to see the actual car in everyday life, but at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, a special booth has been set up to display the EQ EV 400 4MATIC, a pure EV belonging to the EQ brand. E350de AVANTGARDE Sports, which is the first passenger car equipped with a diesel hybrid engine, is also on display.

With car brands around the world focusing on electrification, it's not unusual to launch a separate EV-only brand like Mercedes-Benz. With AMG brands and other brands in mind, we can see how Mercedes-Benz is focusing on each area and placing importance on customer adaptability.

At the EQ salon at the Auto Salon, many families were seen. Since the EV contributes to maintenance costs, it is likely to be more popular as a long-distance family car.

The EQC400 4MATIC, a pure EV based on the mid-size SUV GLC, is a powerful yet quiet ride that has a unique appeal. Delivery will start in 2020, but reservations have already been made. The main unit price is 1,800,000 yen [including tax].

The diesel hybrid E350de AVANTGARDE Sports is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system on a 2-liter straight 4-diesel turbo, producing a maximum output of 194ps and a maximum torque of 400Nm. This is a model that has already been sold, and the main unit price is 8.75 million yen [tax included].

I would like you to see the goodness of each model directly in the booth that creates an advanced atmosphere.

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