"If you don't ride it, sell it while it sells." Why not sell it … | | Nissan's first front-wheel drive passenger car {74 model Nissan Cherry Coupe 1200 X-1 ・ R} 3

The X-1 ・ R was finally completed after a three-year period and a big hit.

"In the past, I used to ride as a daily foot, but now I have much more time in the garage. [Laughs] "

Apart from the fact that there are also cars for daily use, the appearance of the X-1R seems to have dropped considerably, but maintaining one car with a special care carefully, Kobayashi's good every day It is also the place to live.

"My wife jokingly says," If you don't ride, sell it while it sells. "The woman who first put her on the cherry is her current wife, and she has so many memories that she can't afford to let go."

初 The first cherry, a front-wheel-drive vehicle that Nissan first sent out to the world. Among them, there are still owners who are still passionate about coupe with unique styling.

The vehicle model is KPE10.

The emblem which asserts the grade firmly, it is attached to the rear gate.

The same as the late face coupe X-1. The coupe GL indicates NISSAN's "N".

74-year Cherry Coupe 1200X-1 ・ R [KPE10ST]-Length 3690mm
-Overall width 1550mm
-Height 1310mm
● Wheel base 2335mm
-Before and after tread 1270mm / 1235mm
-Minimum ground clearance 195mm
● Room length 1560mm
-Interior width 1270mm
● Indoor height 1060mm
● Vehicle weight 645kg
-Riding capacity 5 people
● Maximum speed 160km / h
● Climbing ability tanθ0.417
● Minimum turning radius 4.6m
● A12 model
-Engine type water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder OHV
● Total displacement 1171cc
● Bore x stroke 73.0 x 70.0mm
● Compression ratio 9.0: 1v Maximum output 80ps / 6400rpm
● Maximum torque 9.8kg-m / 4400rpm
-Transmission ratio 1st gear 3.014 / 2nd gear 1.973 / 3rd gear 1.384 / 4th gear 1.000 / reverse 3.358
● Final reduction ratio 4.067
● Fuel tank capacity 36ℓ
● Steering rack & pinion
● Steering gear ratio∞
● Hydraulic cylinder double-acting / coil spring before and after suspension
● Brake front / rear disc / leading trailing
● 165 / 70HR13 both before and after the tire
● 633,000 yen at the time of release

Nostalgic Hero Vol.145 June 2011 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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