If you have a problem with your iPhone, ask "Apple Support"

Although the iPhone is intuitively easy to use, it's also true that sometimes "problems" occur. Recently, something slow, battery life has been shortened, an unforgettable charge has arrived from Apple… Apple Support is a one-stop support app for Apple products by Apple.

For example, when you forget your iPhone password. It will tell you where to access and what kind of work you need to do and the specific work procedure. From the screen (top screen) that appears immediately after startup, open the screen in the order of "Password and Security" → "Forgot password or cannot use device". The solution should be shown.

If your credit card is billed for an item that you don't remember every month, go to "Subscriptions and Purchases" → "Confirm/Change/Cancel Subscription". A list of subscription services registered with your Apple ID is displayed, and you can proceed to the cancellation procedure.

If you have a hardware-related problem, such as a cracked screen, your iPhone was submerged, or it suddenly turned off, the items in Repair & Physical Damage will help. .. We will tell you how to repair and bring in trouble, and information to be helpful.

You can also use Apple Support to find support information for Apple products other than iPhone, such as Mac and AirPods. Tap "Products" at the top left of the top screen to display a list of devices linked to your Apple ID, and you can check information about each.

Easy explanation of operation procedure

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    1 Launch "Apple Support" and tap the topic information according to your purpose

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    2 Will tell you what to do if you forget your password

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    3 You can list the subscription services currently registered on iPhone

  • iPad iPhone Hacks

    Four It will also teach you how to deal with problems related to hardware

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