If you try to create a doujinshi shop in Easy My Shop that handles your own doujinshi as you want with “ Resale hope button '' “ Distribute coupon '' “ Purchase limit to prevent resale '' This happens


If you try to create a doujinshi shop in Easy My Shop that handles your own doujinshi as you want with “ Resale hope button '' “ Distribute coupon '' “ Purchase limit to prevent resale '' This happens

by mera

There are various internet services for selling doujinshis that you have created yourself, and there are not many problems if you just sell them, but “I just want to be able to do that kind of thing” “I just want to have such a function” You may have thought or felt, "I want to do something a little different." The online shop establishment service "Easy My Shop" allows you to easily change the design of the shop, resell request function, custom-made set sale, age / consent confirmation, coupon function, questionnaire, member function, Although it is a function that you can see everywhere when you look at it individually, such as the limit on the number of purchases, it is now possible to freely combine them by putting them all together and it seems that a super multifunctional doujinshi shop could be made I actually tried it.

Opening an online shop is easy my shop | Build a strong online shop for set sales and custom-made products

◆ A doujinshi shop full of functions of Easy My Shop looks like this
◆ I opened an account and registered the product
◆ Crispy and shop design change with intuitive operation
◆ I tried various sales methods such as sales by type, double price notation, limited time sales, option sales
I tried using "age / consent confirmation", "resale request function", "custom-made sales", "coupon function", "purchase limit function", "member function", etc. with add-in

◆ A doujinshi shop full of functions of Easy My Shop looks like this

… So, this is the doujinshi shop created by Easy My Shop. At the top of the page is a slide show that automatically changes three photos, and below that is a thumbnail of doujinshi tiles.

Doujinshi thumbnails have “Recommended” tags …

Some have the tags "NEW" and "limited time".

On the top left of the page are Facebook, Twitter and LINE share buttons.

On the left side of the screen are the top seller rankings …

The shopping cart has the number of items added to the cart, the total price, and the display "¥ free shipping."

"Search by category" includes posters, postcards, and doujinshi. Press the arrow next to the doujinshi …

The subcategory is displayed.

There is also a "search by price" function.

The title and price of the doujinshi are displayed below the thumbnail. Let's actually click on the thumbnail.

The product page looks like this. On the left side of the screen are photos, on the right side are the product information, "Add to cart" button, inquiry button, and product description.

The image is designed so that the part where the cursor is placed is enlarged, so I was able to confirm the details of the content firmly.

And this "Add to cart" can be displayed for each type if there is a difference in size or color. For example, if you have A4 size and A5 size booklets, you can select the price, stock, and number of purchases for each.

In addition, it is also possible to display both the pre-discount price and the post-discount price so that you can clearly understand the value when you are discounting.

Period sales are also available. In addition, in the following images, "stock sold out" because there is no stock, but …

You can turn this into a "resale request".

If you have an age-restricted item, click on the thumbnail …

You can also display an age confirmation screen before moving to each product page.

Since it also supports custom-made sales, it can handle books with signatures and messages.

When you actually press "Add to Cart", a shopping cart confirmation screen appears first. You can check the total amount and the remaining amount up to free shipping. You can also register as a member, so regular customers can save time and effort when shopping.

When you proceed to the cashier, a screen for entering customer information.

Here, the buyer enters the information required for shipping, but you can also specify the shipping address separately from the buyer.

Add wrapping and message card options …

It is also possible to take a questionnaire requesting delivery date designation and e-mail magazine distribution. Press "Payment method".

On the payment method selection screen, you can now check the shipping cost in addition to the total price of the purchase.

Try out more ways to sell with coupons for sales and campaigns, and see where the biggest fans are going to take action. Click “To the final confirmation screen”.

The final confirmation screen looks like this. A mechanism that asks you to check the total amount, payment method, customer information, shipping address, questionnaire, etc. in a list, and also promotes membership registration at this stage. Press "Confirm Order" to complete the order and a confirmation email will be sent to the buyer's email address.

◆ I opened an account and registered the product

…… Easy My Shop, an online shop establishment service, has all the functions to sell doujinshi. Since there are other useful functions, I will try to see what functions are available and how easy it is to use them. First of allEasy My Shop Top PageGo to, enter your email address and click "Start now for free".

The following e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address, so click the listed URL.

Determine and enter the shop ID, check the agreement to the terms of service, and click "Create shop".

After waiting a few minutes, you will receive a shop ID, user ID and password. Click the management screen URL …

Enter your shop ID and password and click "Login".

Your account is now open. The management screen "Manager Navi" looks like this. Easy My Shop has a free plan and a paid plan, but even with the free plan, a standard plan of 2700 yen per month can be used for 60 days after opening an account. So, this time we will look at what you can do with the standard plan. First, click "Shop Open" to set the basic information of the online shop.

Here, "shop setting"-> "delivery setting"-> "cart setting"-> "mail setting" is set in order. First of all, information on the shop's e-mail address, location, contractor …

Decide on the consumption tax rate and tax display.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods such as bank transfer, postal (Japan Post) transfer, cash on delivery, and even Rakuten Pay / PayPal / WebMoney / smartphone carrier payment. You.

The setting of "display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law" which is inevitable when opening an online shop is where people who start a shop for the first time are confused as to "what should I write?" But……

The template is reflected simply by pressing the "store information setting" and "example sentence creation" buttons, so the settings are easy. It is OK if you only make corrections as needed.

If you click "Create example sentence", the template will be reflected in the "Explanation on return agreement" and "Privacy policy". Click “Save and Next”.

Next, about "delivery setting". Here, we will set the shipping fee etc., so click the edit icon on the right side of the screen.

The delivery method can be selected from "Japan Post: Yu-Pack", "Japan Post: Yu-Mail", "Sagawa Express", "Yamato Transport", "Other" …

Can also be set so that buyers can specify the delivery date. You can specify in detail such as “shipping preparation period” and “non-specifiable date”.

In addition, check "Shipping" by "Weight / Size / Amount x Area" and press "Set".

Select the delivery method to use and press "Initial Settings" …

The shipping fee will be set automatically. After that, if you register the weight of the product when registering individual products, the shipping fee will be automatically displayed on the purchase screen.

At this time, it is also possible to set conditions for free shipping. When the user is shopping, "Free shipping for another $ 2" will be displayed, which will make the user feel like "Let's buy another one".

In “Cart Settings”, you can decide the setting items of user information necessary for transition of cart screen and shipping of products …

Or multiple delivery addresses …

It is possible to attach paid wrapping and message card services.

You can also add a questionnaire item, such as whether you want an e-mail magazine.

In the "e-mail setting", you can set the e-mail sent to the user at each stage such as order confirmation, payment confirmation, and product shipment. Templates can also be used here, so you only need to make changes where needed. When all is done, click “Finish”.

When you check the online shop in this state, it looks like this. No products have been registered yet, and the design is also the default.

So I will go from the registration of the product. Select "Product List" from "Product Registration" at the top of the manager navigation.

The product list is pure white because no product has been registered yet. Click "Product registration" at the top left of the screen.

The product registration screen looks like this.

Pressing "Automatic numbering" automatically assigned a number to the product. After entering the product name, click “Image Settings”.

Upload images stored on your PC by drag and drop.

Click "Beautiful" on the right side of the uploaded image.

Then, in addition to being able to make one-shot corrections of the image using the “Easy Clean” function, it was also possible to fine-tune the items such as brightness, contrast, strength, exposure, and gamma. Even if you think that it may be a bit dark when uploading the image, there is no need to start up the editing software, correct it, and re-upload it. It is convenient that you can complete the correction work only with the browser.

Click "Add new" next to the category.

Enter "Doujinshi" and press "Save". The categories are OK like this. If you have an age-specific work, you can set a category such as "R-18" to display the age confirmation screen when you open the product page in combination with the add-in described later.

If you set the inventory management to "manage" and enter the initial stock quantity, what and how many books were purchased will be automatically managed, and if you run out of stock, the "add to cart" button will be displayed as "sold out" without special processing It is convenient to switch to buttons such as "Resale Request". You can also limit the number of orders per order if you are worried about having insufficient stock.

Enter the price and product description.

Finally, press "Save" to complete.

This completes the product purchase page with the following feeling.

◆ Crispy and shop design change with intuitive operation

When you check the online shop when the product registration is completed, it looks like this. The doujinshi that registered the product is displayed in a tile shape in the part that was pure white earlier. However, in this state, the design of the site does not fit well …

Change the design of the shop from "Extended settings"-> "Design settings" of the manager navigation.

First, select a template. Click "Add Design Template".

Click "Select template".

Then, the design template will be displayed in a row like the following. Easy My Shop template is responsive design for both PC and smartphone. When you find a design you like, press "Select Template".

Next is the layout adjustment.

The default layout has a share button such as Twitter or Facebook at the top of the site, followed by a shop logo or free space, and the tiles of products are displayed below them. I thought that the shop logo and free space were unnecessary, so I clicked on each part and deleted it.

In addition, by default, the whole looks messed up in three columns. So I moved the top selling ranks in the right column to the left and deleted the Facebook embedding …

The whole is displayed in two columns. The logo and free space at the top of the page have disappeared.

In the same way, you can easily change the layout of not only PCs but also smartphones by moving parts.

Also, since the default slide image does not match the doujinshi shop, I will change this as well. Click the edit icon next to "Slideshow sample".

Press "Edit slideshow".

Then press the edit icon.

If you upload a slide show image here and specify it for the newly created slide show …

The atmosphere has changed.

I will change the design more and more. Click "Product list / Frame setting".

Here, you can specify the arrangement of the product images displayed in tiles and the method of price display.

You can change and randomize the size and color of tiles.

If you make the tile size random, it looks like this. It is also possible to "display only recommended and new products with large tiles", which not only enhances the site design but also promotes products more efficiently.

You can also change buttons such as "add to cart" and "sold out", as well as "new" and "recommended" icons. Return to the template selection screen again and click "Button image etc."

Here is the site logo and …

Buttons and icons can be changed. The icon can be specified by image and CSS, and by default it is CSS, but change this to an image and click "Select".

Then it was possible to select the icon from various variations.

In addition, for the "Add to cart" button, specify the image and click "File".

Upload files stored on your PC.

Each product page before the change looks like this.

Change the "Add to Cart" button. The original "Add to Cart" button can be placed on the page, so you can further customize the shop design.

◆ I tried various sales methods such as sales by type, double price notation, limited time sales, option sales

On the basic product page, "Book title", "Price", "Inventory", "Quantity designation button", "Add to cart button", "Inquiry button" are displayed.

The content of each product page can be set more finely. For example, if a product has variations such as size and color, those can be registered as types. On the product registration page, select "Available" and specify it along with the price in the form of "A4 size" or "A5 size".

Then, like this, you can now order each size from the product page.

Also, if you register a reference price …

You can display the prices before and after the discount on products on sale side by side, so you can appeal that "Buy now and save!"

Also, if you specify a sales period …

Limited time sale is also available.

Also, in the case of a series of works, if there is an option "If you buy this book, please take this book as an option", it is convenient for buyers and sellers. This is also possible from the product registration page, click "add" of the optional product …

Select an option from the product list.

Then, the specified optional products are displayed at the bottom of each product page.

For each product, you can also choose to “set a price including shipping” or “set a price per shipping”. First, set "Free Shipping" in the "Other" field on each product page.

The display price of each product page is calculated from "Price by shipping" …

Change to "Price including postage".

Then, the postage is normally displayed on the "Payment method selection" screen …

Shipping costs are not included. From the shopping point of view, the question is "How much is the price including shipping?", So displaying the price including shipping can make the system a relief for buyers.

I tried using "age / consent confirmation", "resale request function", "custom-made sales", "coupon function", "purchase limit function", "member function", etc. with add-in

To realize more various sales methods, select “Add-in” from “Extended functions”.

This is the add-in page.

First, try using the age / consent confirmation function. Click “Settings”.

Check "Valid", require age entry on the purchase procedure page, and click "Details".

Here, specify the category "R-18" created on the product registration page.

The confirmation page display has a template, so edit it to R-18 Doujinshi specifications.

Then, when you try to open a product specified in the R-18 category at the shop …

A screen like this will appear. Click "Yes (18 +)" …

The product page was displayed. Once the age check is completed, the age check of the same page is not required until the cookie disappears.

If you open "Product Management" → "Category List" in the store manager navigation, you can change the order of categories displayed on the shop page by dragging and dropping, or specify one category as a subcategory of another category can do.

If you want to sell books with signatures and hand-drawn illustrations, you can use an add-in called "Made-to-order set products".

Enable the custom-made add-in, select the price notation on the product list page, select an option, etc., and click "Save".

When you return to the registration page for each product, you can now select the item "made to order or set sale", so if you check the radio button, a screen like the part surrounded by the red frame appears on the page.

Specify the option item name and selection method here.

You have now set up a custom-made text box.

Also, by default, when a product is sold out, it simply displays "Sold out", but if you use the "resale request function" add-in, you can change this button to "resale request" You will be able to find out which popular products to resell. Press "Settings" …

Check "Enable" and click "Save".

By adding this add-in, you can select "Sold out" or "Resale request" as "Display when sold out" on the product registration page.

This is the page I actually replaced with the "Resale Request" button. The resale request allows you to manage the number of requests and the message at the time of the request from the store manager navigation, and helps to judge that "this book seems to be resold so much".

In addition, we will add an add-in called "coupon function".

Check "Enable" and click "Save".

When the add-in of the coupon function is inserted, a button called "coupon list" appears in "extended settings" of the store manager navigation, so select it.

Click “New Registration”.

Specify coupon number, coupon name, discount rate and discount amount, expiration date, usage frequency limit, product category, etc. and press "OK" …

When buyers choose a payment method, a coupon number entry field will appear. Enter the coupon and press "To the final screen".

Then, the coupon was discounted at the order confirmation.

You want to prevent resellers from buying up doujinshi, which should reach your fellow professionals. Some add-ins can help you limit the number of purchases per product.

This means that if any or all of the three items, "delivery name," "delivery address," and "orderer email address," match, multiple orders cannot be made. In addition, this function is not a number of product orders per time, but a function of limiting the number of purchases. To limit the number of product orders, you must register separately from the product page.

When you check the product registration page after adding the add-in, you can see the item "Purchase limit", so enter the number here. This time, I entered "2".

When the "Add to cart" button was pressed three or more times after completing the settings, the message "Orders cannot be placed because the number of orders has been reached" is displayed.

There is also an add-in called "Member Function". By registering as a member, buyers can save troublesome input, accumulate points, and use member-only coupons. Shop owners also have more chances to create their own fixed fans, creating a true win-win relationship.

This time, select a regular member. You can also create a special shop that only members can view and purchase.

When the membership function is activated, you can use the recommended function that suggests "If you like this, you should love these books!", And you can also use the order history and point system.

In addition, it is also possible to obtain permission for mail magazine distribution at the time of member registration. Since member information can be downloaded from member management, it is OK to download the e-mail address in CSV format and use it for simultaneous distribution of e-mail.

And in the default state, inquiries are only sent by e-mail, but if you set up an add-in called "inquiry management function", you will be able to see the inquiries from the manager navigation. Press "Settings" …

Check "Enable".

When I checked the shop, there was a button for inquiry at the top of the page.

The default contact form looks like this.

When you add the add-in, you can check the "Contact List" from the manager navigation "Contact Management".

"Inquiry list" looks like this. The sender and e-mail address of each inquiry can also be checked from the list, and at the top of the page you can see at a glance how many “unsupported”, “under treatment” and “supported”, so if there are duplicate inquiries, you will not receive a reply That can be prevented.

In addition, the same “design setting” screen as the template setting had a form called “form design”, which included templates for “purchase details”, “delivery and receipt” and “cover page”.

For example, this is the template for the purchase statement. Easy My Shop is one of the convenient points where there are various templates that solve cumbersome work with one button, but you can quickly create a template if you use a template without having to enter the form relations yourself I am grateful because I can do it.

Easy My Shop has many other useful functions, and you can check the price plan and each function from the following website.

Opening an online shop is easy my shop | Build a strong online shop for set sales and custom-made products

In addition, the flow from order arrival to shipping can be confirmed from the following article.

If you actually sell things at “ Easy My Shop '' that can optimize the method and procedure of selling things on the Internet to your liking like this-GIGAZINE

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