If you use headphones, iOS 13 “Healthcare” can help prevent hearing loss

Speaking of commuting and attending school today, smartphones and headphones. Wear headphones to enjoy music, videos and games without worrying about the surroundings. It is used regardless of age and gender because it can create a private space even in a crowded place as long as it protects manners such as sound leakage.

It is such a headphone, but if you use it too much, it can cause hearing loss. Aside from the headphones with noise canceling function, it tends to increase the volume so that it is not drowned out in noisy places such as the subway.

iOS 13 has a function to measure / estimate the volume of headphones as a function to prevent hearing loss. EarPods and AirPods with volume level measurement function measure the actual volume, and other products can check how much the headphones are listening based on the estimated value based on the volume level of the iPhone The If this function is enabled, you can prevent the volume from causing problems with hearing.

The procedure is as simple as opening "Settings"-> "Privacy"-> "Healthcare"-> "Headphone volume" in this order and confirming that the "Measurement level" switch is on. If you are using headphones other than EarPods / AirPods, turn on the “Include other headphones” switch below.

To check the volume of the headphones, display the Browse tab in the Healthcare app and tap Hearing. Tap “Headphone volume” on the screen that appears to display the volume transition graph of the headphones you are using. If "OK" is displayed there, you can judge that there is no problem because you are listening to music below 80dB. If “Large” is displayed, the volume is too high, so adjust it to “OK”.

Easy explanation of operation procedures

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    1 Open the screen in the order of "Settings"-> "Privacy"-> "Healthcare"-> "Headphone volume" and turn on the two switches of "Measurement level" and "Include other headphones"

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    2 In the "Healthcare" app, go to the "Browse" tab and tap "Hearing"

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    Three Tap “Headphone Volume”

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    Four The volume transition graph of the headphones you are using is displayed. Tap “Show all filters” to see the details screen

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      Five Change the aggregation unit (hour / day / week / month / year) and check if the volume is too high.

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