If you want to be rich, choose the dull one

◆ Become rich with the opposite behavior of ordinary people!
You may be tired of hearing that those who can increase money are those who can think and act in the opposite direction of ordinary people.

And that also applies to choosing a company for employment and career changes. A person who is excellent in nature is excellent wherever he goes, and when he leaves it alone, he will demonstrate his excellence and become recognized.

However, there are very few such people. Many people, including me, are generally average and mediocre. So how do you get a mediocre self, who doesn't have any special skills, to be recognized by the company and have the authority and high rewards? There are three keywords.

・ Dasy

◇ What is “Dasai”?
The first “dull” means working in an industry / company / department with a low level of attention, but in a low-profile manner.

Naturally, the competition is fierce because famous people gather in famous companies and flower departments. Even if we enter there, we will be buried, and we may be delayed even if we raise our salary, let alone promotion.

Therefore, companies that are not attracting attention, companies that deal with old-fashioned businesses, and unpopular departments within the same company are selected. There are probably few talented people, so in terms of ability, there is a high possibility of being relatively top-class on average.

A friend of mine has resigned from a large company and moved to a small business. Although it wasn't particularly noticeable at the previous workplace, after a job change, he became confident and became a general manager after one year and became a president of a subsidiary two years later. Currently in his mid 30s, his annual income is 35 million yen, and he seems to be commuting by company car. He says.

"I don't have a special ability. Because it is an inconspicuous company that deals with products that are not very popular, people were not gathered even if they were recruited and they were not blessed with human resources, so I was relatively good. I just became a new employee. "

The lack of ability is probably his humility, and in the first place it would have been impossible to have the current position without ability. Still, as long as he was at his previous workplace, he probably had few chances of being recognized. There is no doubt that this choice, which has chosen a “dull” company, has changed his life.

◇ What is “incomplete”?
The second “incomplete” refers to working on a new business or working in a developing organization.

Existing organizations are almost ready to do their work, where the majority of the work is done in a certain job. On the management side, it is desirable as a business model that does not depend on the quality of human resources, but it means that it is easy to become a company gear from the working side.

In contrast, developing organizations do not yet have a standard in how to proceed. The approval criteria are also ambiguous. In other words, it is possible to make a standard of business by winning the person who said it and winning the person who succeeded.

In other words, it is easy to be blessed with the opportunity to adopt your suggestions and success stories, which naturally leads to evaluation. There are many cases where new internet companies, etc. are appointed as executives in their 20s, but I think it is easy to be blessed with opportunities.

In addition, if it is a new business, most employees have little knowledge and experience in that area, so everyone starts side by side. This means that even if the ability is average, there is an increased possibility that the person who gains experience by dashing first will be extracted.

◇ What is “troublesome”?
The third “troublesome” is taking on work that no one wants to do. Everyone doesn't want to do it, so there is less competition and less innovation. In other words, the old state often remains.

This means that it is easy to produce results with a little ingenuity. If you do your best, you may become a leading person.

As a bonus, people who are willing to do dirty work will be reflected in their eyes as “motivated people” even if they are not so enthusiastic. As a result, it stands out. If you become a celebrity in the company, the possibility of selection will increase.

“There is a road behind the people, a mountain of flowers” ​​or “Do not become a cow but become a cow”.

The former is a famous quote of the market, and the latter is also a famous quote, but it can be applied in various situations. There can be a lot of room to change and greatly change your reputation.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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